Picture of Grow Your Own Cooking Oil
   You want to be more self sufficient? Well here's a way to grow your own cooking oil.

Sunflower Seeds
Place to grow sunflowers
Seed oil Extractor
(plastic bottle tubing small funnel wire screen strainer)
Glass Jars

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Step 1: Step One: Sunflower Seeds Buying, Growing, Harvesting

Picture of Step One: Sunflower Seeds Buying, Growing, Harvesting
  There are two basic kinds of sunflowers, confectionery the kind you eat, and black oil. the kind you feed to birds.  The black oil sunflower seed is the kind you need. These have twice the amount of oil as the confectionery.  These seeds are easy found at almost anywhere. i bought this 40 pound bag. for $14.00.       This is enough seeds to grow as many sunflowers as you need. I used two flowerbeds on the back of the house and the back of my garage.
     And covered the beds with seeds, i had so many it was like a carpet of sunflower seeds.
  And that was it. Sunflowers grow like weeds they need little water, little room, and grow almost anywhere. And you can grow a large amount in a small space.
  Once they grow and there heads get big and full of seeds, you know when to harvest them when the pedals drop off and the head falls over. Cut off the head and store them in a plastic bucket until they dry out, then shake them the seeds come out pretty easily.
   at the end of summer you should have enough seeds to make cooking oil for the rest of the year.
Unless you deep fry a lot or something.
  But since i didn't want to wait a year to show you the seed oil extractor and how to use it i started grinding the oil out of what was left of the seeds i bought.

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dirk16094 years ago
It is a great unit. I used one for years in Hawaii making gallons of mac nut oil, Kukui nut and coconut oil for soap making. They are now available in the US on ebay and amazon for a bit less that getting them out of Holland.
Thanks for the info. Do you think you could use walnuts to make oil with it?
SinAmos4 years ago
This is totally up my alley.  Thanks.  I have three regular sunflowers growing for eating, but if I can pick up a bag, that would be nice.  Buying the tool is my only concern.  Not sure the price tag is worth it, but it could be. 
LoganMackey (author)  SinAmos3 years ago
Only the black oil sunflowers produce any good amount of oil the eating kind jsut dont make enough to be worth it
byoho4 years ago
You don't need to wait 2 weeks for it to settle. Here's an old farmers/mechanics trick from WAY back that was often used to filter used lube and motor oils; Put a length of natural fiber rope, the thicker the better, in the unfiltered oil jar and let the other end dangle out and into another jar that's lower than the first. They used to use manila rope, but I imagine cotton would work too. The oil will siphon (actually the correct term would be capillary action) up, over, and down thru the rope and drip into the lower container, completely filtered. It won't happen fast, but it will be faster than 2 weeks. Nice job! Thanks
LoganMackey (author) 4 years ago
one forty pound bag makes at least 2 gallons of sunflower seed oil.
 I found one place that sells it Hienens and it was $8.50 for 16 oz

1 US gallon = 128 US fluid ounces

16 oz per bottle = 8 bottles
8 bottles x $8.50 = $68.00
x 2 Gallons per bag = $136.00
$125.00 + $15.00    = $140.00

Plus this is perpetual so only requires a one time investment
and is you use (2 gallons of cooking oil a year a good average for most households)
 So this will pay its self off in one year. Not to mention The perpetual years after of never having to buy cooking oil ever.

bruc33ef4 years ago
Good, very useful Instructable.  

I wonder how many years a 40 lb bag of seeds would last when used this way. Also, I wonder whether it would be cost-effective to simply extract the oil from the seeds from the bag rather than planting them first.  How much oil could you expect from a 40 lb bag of seed?

I would think it's more cost effective to grow a decent batch from your 40lb bag.  Since the sunflower will regrow each year you only need to plant the seeds one time.  Plus to ensure you get a decent harvest you can use the seed cake to fertilize your sunflower bed.
LoganMackey (author) 4 years ago
Well it depends on how much cooking oil you use, bakers would use a lot.
i am slowly grinding out the rest of the 40 pound bag, i would like to motorize it first.
 But i think i can get at least 2 gallons. And for my household that is a years worth of cooking oil.
Sunflower oil is a healthy choice for your cooking oil needs. High in vitamin E, it has a light clean taste. There are three types available.
  Plus im using it to make soap and lip balm.
alchicken2 months ago

How fast does the oil go rancid? If you make a huge amount it might go bad before you can use it all or is there a way to store it?

mbear11 months ago

"I have tried to strain it, but could not find a mesh size that worked well."

What about using paper coffee filters? Maybe hold them in place with metal mesh underneath. So you'd have...

Sunflower oil

Paper filter

Metal mesh/window screen.

onmyway1 year ago
Amazing. Thanks for this instructable. You made me a very happy herbalist in training.
wow awesome
very useful after a zombie apocalypse lol
Woodstar2 years ago
I've been thinking about the possibility of doing this very thing, when it came up on Instructables! With your info I'm ready to purchase an oil press. My question is this: are those seeds in that bag organic?....did they come from China? This is important to me and would love a response. I found a 10lb bag for 5.85 on another site that is for sure organic. BIG price difference!!!
LoganMackey (author)  Woodstar2 years ago
most of the whole sale bulk sunflowers i have found all grow in Kansas. as for being organically grown there is no way to tell unless you grow it your self, there are no laws defining "organic" for food consumable labeling, there wouldn't be any for bird food.
but sunflowers are pretty much weeds, they dont have to many bugs so the use of pesticides and fertilizer are less then your normal food crop
i know there are companies that sell organic black oil sunflower seeds, but there sold in little seed packs but at least if you grow them you can be 100% organic
Thanks for responding. Next question: what would be the square footage that you would recommend? I'd like to plant the whole 40lb bag and make enough oil to use myself and use the rest for bartering. I bought a 7lb bucket of coconut oil last year and still have half of it left (just to give you an idea how much I use)/
LoganMackey (author)  Woodstar1 year ago
well i am now growing 200 sq feet of black oil sunflowers, but when i first started, i had a flower bed full of them that was 4 feet by 20 feet and that much sunflowers gave me almost 3 gallons of oil, its about a 1/2 cup of oil per sunflower
LoganMackey (author)  Woodstar1 year ago
unfortunately even if the seeds say there organic ORGANIC has never been legally defined, ie no chemicals used to grow but genetically engineered seeds are still classified as organic . The seeds ive used are not labeled organic.
When filtering out the sediment, did you happen to try coffee filters?
Also, when storing the oil, what's the longest time frame you were able to store it? I'm afraid it would go bad after so many months. Do you store it in mason jars? Or will just any type of bottle do? This sounds like a really interesting project to try. Thanks !
LoganMackey (author)  charrelson11 year ago
well oil can go rancid, but ive never had it happen. I store it in mason jars in my kitchen cupboard. ive had the same jar for like months. But i dont know the max shelf life.
oh and NO you cannot filter oil with a coffee filter, or any other kind of filter.
maybe a micro metal mesh one, but its easier just to let it settle then siphon it out OR you can use a process called wicking, some one made that comment you get a piece of rope and put it in the oil and the other end of the rope in a lower bucket and it will suck all the oil through the rope and filter out everything
hilson1 year ago
I Will be trying this.
susycue31 year ago
wish i were you, taking over a farm. best of luck to you.
LoganMackey (author)  susycue31 year ago
thanks i need it, the last 3 years have been drought , flood and extended winter killing almost all of my fruit crops
boy i hear ya there.....
rexmo2 years ago
We're wanting to make our own press. Could you post some pictures of the bottom of your press?
LoganMackey (author)  rexmo1 year ago
the bottom of the press is just a bent piece of metal, with some holes to bolt to something and a place for the bottle of flammable liquid
LoganMackey (author)  rexmo2 years ago
this this is just a metal pipe wielded to a "C" shaped piece of metal the base is just to have something to screw it to a base. And something to center the worm screw in the center of the pipe, the pipe has a cut taken out of it at the bottom, this is where the oil drips out.
If you can make a wormscrew i didn't have the machine to mill it, but that 90% of it. the rest is jsut to hold the worm screw in place.

another seed oil extraction machine is made from two car jacks that on either side of a metal pipe. this is a cold press
brazos21 year ago
Your right about them growing like weeds, I have them all over my property (5 acres). Problem with the wild ones are they don't have large enough flowerheads to produce anything useful. They do make nice flower displays however :-) I would like to know where you get the bag of seeds, thats an excellent price. We buy the same for the birds but it runs closer to 20 bucks a bag, if not more. Farmers grow these close buy, don't think they would miss a few but I know they use a crop duster on them, and that aint salad dressing their spraying. Thanks for a great idea!
rrex22 years ago
do you allow the oil to settle at room temp or do you place it in a fridge?
do you store your finished oil (already settled and sediment discarded) at room temp or in a fridge?
have you tried pressing flax oil or other oil seeds out of the Piteba? what's your experience with those oilseeds?
thanks for this page, and look forward to comparing notes
robert rex
LoganMackey (author)  rrex22 years ago
i had it at room temp, i would not suggest any lower temp oil thickens when cooled i may not separate or at least not separate as much.
Ive heard from people that live in very hot climate that vegetable oil will go rancid but ive never had that happen and i store all my oil in anywhere else but my cupboard
Nope ive only used sunflower seeds but here is the link to that info

I will be making a insctructable about how to motorize it as soon as i can figure out how.
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LoganMackey (author)  Uncopyrighted3 years ago
Tracker Farm Supply on sale sunflower seeds always go on sale at fall, shop around then
I have a meat grinder, could one modify this to press oil? It has the same auger style mechanism.
pretty much this things is a solid metal spiral in a iron pipe but it is heated but any cande or small heat source would do you only have to heat it to 120-150

i say get your self some black oil sunflower seeds and try
FyreAntz4 years ago
Excellent Ible! So many cool things to try and so little time! Thanks for the info!
Tannius4 years ago
I'm curious about how many sunflower seeds you managed to get from your plot of flowers. How much would you have to plant to get about a gallon of oil do you think? This is was something I never thought about doing with my own garden so I'm glad I ran across this instructible.
Jayefuu4 years ago
That advert you added on the front of your video is really annoying.
 Agreed.  It's really just all advertisement, corrupted ever so slightly with useful information.
LoganMackey (author)  spamfast4 years ago
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Well, you've never pointed that out to me, and I wonder why you're so compelled to try again.  What's your point?  It's now obvious you were aware of the problem, and you'll not make any effort to address the issue.  I don't think that was obvious before the above comments, so I'm not sure why pointing it out evoked such a response.  I get the idea most authors would want to know so they could improve their work.

I signed up on May 2 to respond to the above comment made on June 1, which was in response to your Instructable, posted on May 31.  I knew this was going to happen....

It seems we only have to "be nice" to contributing veterans, FNG's are fair game.

Thanks for the warm welcome, feels great to be a part of the community.

Oh, and your is not "like all video hosting services".  I reloaded the page to be sure it wasn't just that first time.  It wasn't, and not one of the other videos that I have watched on this site have been so polluted.  It's your work, if that's the way you want it presented then so be it, but don't claim it's because there aren't better choices.

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