Picture of Zombie in a Pot- A Fun Prop/Decoration
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you know, I've always wanted my own zombie. They're such fun pets, with their endearing moaning and adorable shambling walk. I checked out a few of the zombie shelters downtown, but none of the zombies really caught my eye. I didn't want one of those run-of-the-mill zombies you can pick up during any old apocalypse; no, I wanted my own organic, free-range zombie. So I went down to my local black magic practitioner's store and bought myself some zombie seeds. A few months of tender care later I had my own zombie! This is fun, easy to make, and great for Halloween.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Zombie Contest!

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Step 1: What You Need:

Picture of What You Need:
zombie back tag.jpg
For the Zombie:
- A fake arm (about $2 at a dollar store)
- A plant pot
- Dirt
- Brown spray paint (optional)

For the Sign:
- Poster paper
- Glue
- Wooden dowel or stick
- The third image in this step (pulled from here)

Step 2: The Arm

Picture of The Arm
- Remove the arm from the sleeve.
- The arm I had seemed a little too alive, so I lightly coated it with brown spray paint to make it seem more like something clawing it's way out of a bloody grave.
- Cut the arm down until it sits in the pot at a height you want.

Step 3: The Sign

Picture of The Sign
- Print the image onto poster paper and cut it out.
- Glue the dowel onto the back of the sign.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Picture of Putting It All Together
- Fill the pot with dirt and push the arm in. Sprinkle a handful of dirt over the hand to make it seem like it dug itself out of the ground.
- Add the sign.
- Display your zombie proudly!
now... how to build a mummy..........

please do so

M3G (author)  antibobthebuilder1 year ago
That may be slightly more difficult.

the sign was halarious!!!

kmaysey1 year ago
This is so awesome!!! My two boys (4 & 7) love zombies, gardening, and plants vs zombies. I plan on giving them some "zombie seeds" (small fake eyeballs) to plant to see what kind of zombies we can grow for halloween this year!!!
M3G (author)  kmaysey1 year ago
"Zombie seeds"! That is an AWESOME idea!
soul_eater1 year ago
So funny nice idea
M3G (author)  soul_eater1 year ago
M3G (author)  antibobthebuilder1 year ago
This awesome prop has given me an idea: if you ever go to a zombie march you could cut a hole at the bottom of the vase and use your own hand! You will be a zombie with his growing moving newborn!
M3G (author)  SussoGobbino1 year ago
Haha good idea!
samalert1 year ago
that hand looks do damn real !
M3G (author)  samalert1 year ago
cerene1 year ago
This is a really easy but fun idea :) Very nice instructable too.
M3G (author)  cerene1 year ago
The harm with the shirt look real!!!! Cool idea.
M3G (author)  marcellahella1 year ago
Thank you!
Kiteman1 year ago
Hehe, you really ought to read this!
M3G (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
Hmm, hopefully that doesn't happen!
9b4z1l1 year ago
I love this idea so muck
M3G (author)  9b4z1l1 year ago
azharz1 year ago
Wow, really horrible and that sign post is also nice.
M3G (author)  azharz1 year ago
I'll take "horrible" as a compliment on how gory the project is. Thanks!
azharz M3G1 year ago
You're welcome.
Deadpunk1 year ago
This is pretty witty bravo!
M3G (author)  Deadpunk1 year ago
Thank you!