Step 8: Maintenance


Gardening is more art than science.

How to Water:
Soak the soil completely with each watering.
Allow the soil to completely dry between watering.  Shriveling is a sure sign it's time to water.
Mist regularly or keep a small tray of water nearby if in a low-humidity environment (e.g., indoors).

How to Fertilize after First Year:

Fertilize with a fish emulsion twice a year following the directions on the bottle.

How Much Sunlight:

Keep in the shade if outdoors (min temp 45F).
Keep near a sunny window but out of direct sunlight if indoors.

How to Remove Hard Water Spots:

Mist HEAVILY with distilled water.
Thank you, now I know how to replant my huge one.
Excellent idea. We've had one of these for years, and it's stayed pretty small the whole time, but this year it's going totally nuts. Time to propagate!
Wait until March or so to propagate so it can bloom and rejuvenate.&nbsp; Blooming takes a lot out of these plants.&nbsp; But...<br /> <br /> HUZZAH!&nbsp; It's a miraculous plant! <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Cool. Thanks for the tips! I&nbsp;probably wouldn't have gotten to it until March anyway, so it's good to know that sometimes procrastination pays off.<br /> <br /> BTW, I&nbsp;also dig your rag tree skirt 'ible. Reminds me of this enormous backdrop I&nbsp;had to make for a play once, only on a smaller and more manageable scale. I just haven't posted there because I&nbsp;don't want it to look like I'm cyber-stalking you. ;-)
It'll be our little in-public-but-still-totally-secretive secret.&nbsp; Shhh!&nbsp; Also you can secretly make it with your son because it might be a fun project in discovering all the scary and terrifying ways to tie bits of fabric/string into knots which comes in handy later on in life. <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Excellent. I won't tell anybody if you don't.... ;-p
Great. Now my son just asked me why knotted rags are &quot;scary.&quot; ;-p
I have some of these. Red with white insides, Pink, Orange, and white flowered. Some of them shrivel and fall apart. Now I know why, The soil is too hard and does not drain well. Watering is a problem. I am going to re-pot them and see if I can get them to look like yours! Thanks so much!
Hope it works for you! :)
Thank you for this excellent Instuctable, I am favoriting it.
Very nice instructable!&nbsp;Clear photos and nice step by step, I feel like I&nbsp;can do it! <br /> I had a (supposed) Christmas cactus for a long time, but when I&nbsp;moved a few years back the movers dropped it and I&nbsp;thought they had ruined it. Dang, If only I&nbsp;could go back in time and grab up the pieces!<br />
Thanks!&nbsp; It's too bad about the one you lost.&nbsp; I've learned a lot of things after-the-fact myself and could kick myself endlessly if I stressed about all of it.&nbsp; Fortunately, it's pretty easy to find truncata cuttings and plants although they might be going out of fashion.<br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
I used to keep these indoors when we lived in Boston.&nbsp; They're incredibly easy to grow, and I loved the way they pop out in blooms during the darkest parts of the year!&nbsp; Great idea.<br />
They really are fabulously easy plants, and it's important to have a &quot;do-good&quot; plant that's bright and cheerful. <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>

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