Picture of Grow a Pear in a Bottle
With this Pear in a Bottle on you're shelf/desk/window/table you will get asked questions all the time about how it got in there.
It's up to you to come up with a story about how you put it in there, but here I will show you how to grow one inside a bottle for your very own.

Step 1: Gather your parts

Picture of Gather your parts
for this project, you will need:

an empty bottle (clear glass is best)
string, twine, rope of some sorts
a pear tree
alcohol of choice (no wine or beer, and mostly clear types work best)
Stoned5 years ago
Awesome idea! I could see this being done with a fruit with a stronger flavor like a lemon, or any fruit. I could also see some being grown in a big glass jug like a watermelon or pumpkin! Very cool instructable.
Deadly Computer (author)  Stoned5 years ago

you can indeed use any type of fruit, or veggie you want.  Some work better then others. 
Peaches for instance bruise too easily, and will muck up the liquid.
Lemon, or orange would be nice, but the hard skin would be alittle hard for the flavor to seep through.  But you could fix that with a few small holes poked with a knife, or fork or something.

I also forgot to say you can use olive oil instead of alcohol.  We have a few bottles of olive oil with peppers in them.  The peppers really seep out their flavor into the oil well.
so how will you remove the lemon or pear grown in the bottle,plz help me with the answer
Very cool. I wish I had A pear tree would love to try this with good brandy.
I did A similar one with an Apple tree Check out my instructables.