Growing a Pineapple plant is a fun and practical project that can interest the whole family; not only will you produce a beautiful plant for your home, but you may be rewarded with a delicious Pineapple at the end!

Step 1: Purchase a Pineapple:

Go to your local grocery store or supermarket and purchase a healthy, green topped pineapple. Ideally inside the crown (bushy top) there will be small green leaves growing; however some growers pull this new growth out before shipping the fruits. Bring the Pineapple home and begin the following steps as soon as possible to avoid deterioration of the plant.

<p>Hi, what is the minimum size for the flower pot? The one you used seem rather small, if I would imagine a fully grown pineapple under the leaves.</p><p>My second question is, which temperature, light condition and watering characteristics are needed for growing the fruit?</p>
<p>Hi, the pot that is pictured is 11 inches in diameter. I would recommend starting your plant in an 8 inch pot and as the plant matures transfer it into a 12 inch pot (I had a spare 11 inch pot so I used it to start with). Also the fruit will grow out of the middle of the leaves (not under the soil), a pink/purple cluster of flowers will appear and grow into a fruit.</p><p>You should generally keep your Pineapple plant in temperatures of 60- 75 degrees f, and expose it to at least 6 hours of sunlight. This is a tropical plant and will need to be kept inside for most of the time in temperate regions. Water the soil thoroughly and allow to dry before watering again.</p><p>I hope you found this helpful, if you did please vote for me in the competition! Thanks!</p>
<p>Thank you for the detailed reply.</p><p>Till now I thought they grow under the earth and the leaves are the only thing on the outside. After your reply I made a google image search on pineapple plants :D</p>

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