Picture of Grow a square watermelon
This is really, really easy to do. (Note: you may be able to use this technique to grow other stuff in the form of a square ( actually in the form of a cube) and apply the general idea to other shapes.)

Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools
You need 6, 8" square, 3/8" thick (or thicker) sheets of polycarbonate plastic. (Lexan)

You will need 4 gate hinges and 2 hinged clasps with flat head machine screws and hex nuts plus at least 8 or more 1" to 1-1/2" long, thin wood screws and possibly a 36" length of angle iron or aluminum angle (cut to 8" lengths to yield four pieces) if you have thinner polycarbonate, a power drill and hole saw, and a hand saw or power saw such as a jig saw.


Ah, you don't need this, just pick up one of these square cans and you're set.

jeffcole4 months ago

They look like minecraft fruit :)

kcls5 years ago
I can see it now- instead of a watermelon, grow a pumpkin in a cube shape. Then, carve a Domo-Kun face on it. Voila! Domo-Kun Jack-O-Lantern.

I've got dibs on the 'ible.
melonmoldcom kcls5 months ago

We did pumpkin last summer/fall. They turned out great!

Best Jack O latern on the block!


omnibot kcls5 years ago
Do it!
kcls omnibot5 years ago
Gotta wait until I have a garden to grow it in! Living on a boat and all, I don't have a very big yard :D
emma.bigknife kcls10 months ago

You just have to be imaginitive about where to grow. I have seen people grow things on walls and roofs. Doing this also cuts cooling and heating costs.

you don't need a garden i grew a pumpkin in a large pot and trained the vine to a railing. when fruit formed i used pantyhose to support the weight.
you do, it's just REALLY flooded
So... rice?
aseaheru xenor4 years ago
salt water.......o_0
put it on the mast head. o_0
Hiroak kcls5 years ago
I'm on a boat Motherfu Ha ha very orginal I know I lived on a boat, the sail type for 2 years and build floating garden boxes out of blue foam board. I had a slip larger than my boat so I just attached them to the dock. Then I got a bigger boat and build two above ground planter boxes on the deck. I even tried to grow an orange tree, to combat the scurvy but I live in Alaska.
huh ... seems many guys are really interested in the pumpkin .....why don't we just make a mold for the pumpkin ,but what shape you want it to be ??
melonmoldcom made it!5 months ago

It's that time of the year again! Get your plastic molds now at melonmold dot com!

Great summer project and fun for the while family! Grow a watermelon or pumpkin into a square or heart!

MelonMold dot com

davidbarcomb9 months ago

I saw this in a Japanese show and it was really nice. Great instructable

scott.gosa1 year ago

$80 for materials? Geez!

For those of you lacking either the time or tools to complete this task, we offer a commercial box mold specifically for molding watermelon at MelonMold.com. We're inexpensive and ship internationally from the US.



The actual size of the melon your mold will produce
is 7.5” at its tallest point and 7.5” at its widest. It is 7.5” at its
deepest point.


Does the Box have to clear and made out of plastic?
it is better be clear cos the fruits need sun to grow to look better , and plastic seems to be the best choice we have by now ..

I read the other day about a japanese guy who managed to make a hearts shaped watermelon 'after many years of research'. Then I already knew it was bogus as it is just a matter of the right mould and here I see those are available already.


fashboy1 year ago

'This is really, really easy to do.' OMFG SO EASY

i have tried this method ,but seems not easy .....we have grown some like the below one :

Suppliers for plastic square box mould for square watermelon.jpg
it is great job to make this square watermelon box ,but very time consuming ...
why don't you just come and buy one very easy ,it just cost you like $10 , will save you a lot of energy .for anyone interested , come to www.fruitmould.com
oh ,by the way , i have a client grown a lot of square shape watermelons , he got many experience on this ..check the photo
i bet you don't need all the hardware. you can probably use big rubber bands to hold the form in place.
good request , but you are really underestimate the growing stress from watermelon , it is a big guy :-)
Would a box work? I do not have the ability to make your cool invention
if your box is strong enough ,then it should work ,yes, to make one mold is really practical skill...
elkrivermr2 years ago
how do you deal with rain and condensation?
rain will not affect the growing ,because even with some rain store inside of the molds ,it will be gone soon by the sun shinning ,isn't it ?
sinnae1 year ago
I feel like this would introduce a ton of moisture-induced rot unless plenty of ventilation is drilled into each panel.
yes , you are right , it has 4 holes on the size wall of the molds to keep ventilation ,the sun shinning might be really strong , you need to cover the black net at the beginning ...
Not4Guy1 year ago
I wonder if this could be doing to shape a pumpkin into a skull for witches hat?
this polycarbonate plastic made square mold can be used on pumpkin ,but it is really hard to say if can success , depends on the mold thickness and the pumpkin stress ,ours are 3mm thickness ,should be strong enough for pumpkin , go www.fruitmould.com , check more shaped fruits ,you will be amazed for sure ...
OH, this polycarbonate plastic made square mold looks good ,but we also have another injection made square mold for watermelon which is well tested in past few years,check www.fruitmould.com , you will find more amazing shaped fruits ...great fun :-)
Nukeman3 years ago
The Lexan to build this costs about $80. Will plywood work?
myakka3 years ago
How about triangular( pyramid) shaped ones. Or dodecahedrons!
myakka myakka3 years ago
Or how about make the entire alphabet
kjohnson403 years ago
we grew a square honeydew (by accident) it was in a cement block we used to "fence" the garden with.
jameseyboy3 years ago
HELP barbies on the bbq
tinker2344 years ago
wow i love this
moonchylde4 years ago
I wonder if this would work with tomatoes, or if the boxes would be too heavy for the vine to support. Another thought I had was two-liter pop bottles (watermelons with feet; they'd also be good for watermelon spikes :P), though I'm not sure if the fruit wouldn't split the plastic. I might experiment with this.
geoslim134 years ago
to quote Eurotrip "Gotta love that exchange rate!"
yiumanwan7 years ago

does it taste diffrent like sweetness

soil might change the taste, also chemicals, water, but thats all that might change the taste
Wow how did you make large text??
Derin ReCreate5 years ago
<h1>like this i guess</h1>
ReCreate Derin5 years ago
Hmmm....yes.  you just do it in the instructable, not on the comments.
nope exactly the same exept shape
axlrose7 years ago
That is so awesome how you can grow square watermelon and sell them for $82.00
bFusion axlrose5 years ago
Yeah, but you have to live in Japan for that to happen. Everything, large fruit especially, is expensive over there.
1st of season/perfect are more expencive
in a historical note I believe this was started in china and in most recently the chinese made melons with the mascots from\for the bejing olimpics
would it work with apples? then you would cut a small cube from inside an fill it with caramel and chocolate syrup... hmmm....
I think if you made this box and put a pipe on the middle,you'd have a holed fruit of which you can stuff.
will the fruit grow around it?
It should.I've seen Mickey shaped ones in Disneyland too.
I think those are regular apples with marshmallows for ears.
I said that further down.
hawkfrost645 years ago
you can use a cinderblock.
Kofoed5 years ago
god, that looks so cool :D
mikeyx5 years ago
I like watermelon :P
me too ! :)
I read about these in an old magazine witch was about 20 years old so its not exactly a new idea :)
So what. Writer didn't say it was original, just described how to grow it square. Why would you want to tear them down, it makes you look small and weak.
True.. Disneyland grow their cucumbers in the shape of mickey mouses head.. seen on the travel channel a few months ago..
cool :)
They had mouse candy apples too,but not grown like this.They just used marshmallows for ears.Still good though.
madmada5 years ago
lol, reminds me of the time 'homer' brought a square watermelon in the episode when they went to japan :)
Ward_Nox5 years ago
you tried it with pumpkins?
Vladimyr5 years ago
There's another really cool Instructable for doing something similar with gourds. Check it out!! http://www.instructables.com/id/Portrait-Gourds-Grown-in-Molds/ Very cool, btw.
gameboy7oa5 years ago
What's next?!?! You should totaly make a oval shaped watermelon!!! It would be one of a kind!
or a house shaped!
you're a genius!!!
austin5 years ago
Cant wait to try this when i have a kid, they are gonna be so Cubic!
prodo1235 years ago
E-Z Storage? lol
i swear this reminds me sooo much of the watermelon blocks from super mario sunshine. epic instructable by the way!
jhonny5 years ago
This is a cool idea. I'm gonna try to grow an orange in a bottle.
Rihanna5 years ago
Hi.I`m a plant protection and wanna grow watermelon in cube shape but i have some problem to make box.could you help me and give me more information about step 1?
woofboy1117 years ago
In Disney's Living with the Land Ride at Epcot, they grow Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkins using with what looks like a similar technique. They are at about 5:08 on this video. You could see one in the mold up on the tree and a harvested mickey pumpkin on the ground.

Square melons are so much cooler if I must say so myself...
The coolest thing I saw in that video was the tomato tree! 32,000 tomatoes in 16 months from one plant??? I spent yesterday afternoon putting half a dozen little tomato plants into the ground, and if I'm lucky I'll get 10 or 20 tomatoes from each plant. Someone tell Disney to quit showing off for YouTube -- "nyaa nyaa! look what we made!" -- and post the Instructible already!! ;)
I am huge into horticulture and I just got back from Disney. That F'n tomato tree was sick. It was at 72,000 tomatos that they harvested. I'm dying to know how they do that. The thing I don't get is how the thing doesn't die? The other thing is the little pineapples they grew. I'm trying to grow one myself but finding a pineapple seed in a pineapple is nearly impossible. you probably don't care about that, but now you're on my time since you're still reading. PS. this is what the alphabet would look like if you eliminated Q and R.
neaRly impossible
Yeah, that boggles my mind too -- a tomato plant that lives long enough to become a tree! The pineapples, well, I'm not a big fan of the spiny thing. And as for eliminating Q and R = ???? Are you talking about where you typed 'PS.'? What about the other letters of the alphabet? I've been looking at that for a couple minutes and it's not hitting me. If 'PS.' was supposed to mean "Post Script", it would've been "P.S.", so apparently it's part of your joke, but uhm... are you just making up weird stuff to mess with people's heads? And why do I spend my time puzzling over things like this? Procrastination, I guess.
I'm a funny guy. The joke is that the alphabet, or at least a small portion of it, goes L M N O P Q R S. So, PS, this is what the alphabet would look like if you eliminated Q and R. Get it? OK, let's start over with something easier. A man walks into a bar, he says ouch.........
ibar joke which made me laugh was this:

i small guy is sitting at a table in a bar, and a thug punches him in the chest and screams "Tats karate from korea" and the guy looked puzzeld, a few minutes later, the same thug walked towards him and punched him again and shouted "thats kung fu from japan" so the guy got back up, but instead of sitting on his chair again, he walked out of the bar... About half an hour later the guy returns, smacks the thug over the head and shouts "thats an F**kin shovel from B&Q"

That joke made me and my mum laughg when my friend told it to us =3
So a pirate with a steering wheel sticking out of his pants walks into a bar and the bartender says, "Hey, isn't that bothering you?" and the pirate says, "Yarrrrr, it's drivin me nuts!" always wanted to do that...
A pirate walks into a bar with a roll of paper towels on his head and the bartender says, "What's with the paper towels?" and the pirate says, "Arrrgh, I've got a bounty on me head!" My dad's coworker came up with that.
ibar joke = A bar joke*
One of my favorites: A guy walks into a bar, and the bartender says "What is this, a joke?"
Holy Mackerel, I'm not even going to START in on why that one needs a complete x-treme makeover to even get close to being legitimate OR funny. But now that you've walked into that bar, I'll send your long-faced pal in after you with a band-aid and a bag of oats... ;)
Baby steps, baby steps young grasshoppa. Since I'm more of an adlib comedian, I'm afraid I cannot just come up with a joke on the spot, I need a situation to arise and then I'm more fun than a barrel of monkeys. But what I do know, is that deep down, I think I may be falling in love with you. You had me at Holy Mackerel. And by falling in love with you what I'm really trying to say is that I'm awesome. Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Cause I'm layin it on pretty thick, and by pretty thick I mean that I have no idea why I am even still typing. For more Awesomeness from (pointing 2 thumbs at my chest) this guy, have a looksee. http://www.instructables.com/id/Perfect-Crispy-Bacon-Easy-Every-Time/

Word to my Mom
Aaaahhh BACON! The secret ingredient that drives tomato-tree-lovers wild... I have always said that bacon can make anything palatable, from Uncle Junior's tuna hash to a decrepit old pair of hi-top Chuck T's. If I didn't already have a cat (very territorial and cranky long-coat howler), you might just turn my head with your Junior Jr. half-joke practice and your Notorious Bacon Recipe. But as long as my boyfriend doesn't smack your wife's beezer too often after crunching MY perfect bacon -- I think we should All Get Along just fine.
P.S. Tell your mom there is no QR 4 the word.
You know crazy cat lady, I have no idea what tuna hash is, but frankly, it scares the holy hell out of me, however, Chuck Taylors, all blue, I can dig on that. And smooth how you worked the feline in there, I too have a cat, she now lives outdoors due to the fact that when said owner works for more than 8 hours at a time, said cat feels the need to let said worker know by urinating on said worker's bed, not cool, unlike her next winter. Having retorted, not to be confused although closely related to retarted, I hope you bring joy and perfect bacon to your holidays in the future. And with that I bid you adieu crazy cat lady. Fair well young Gizmo,and remember, no food after midnight and what ever you do, do not get wet. Merry Christmas
You don't need pineapple seeds. Just stick the top of a store bought pineapple in the ground. Most of the time they have no problem rooting. It takes a few years from that point, but soon enough you will have pineapples. Right now I have 6 pineapples that are almost ready to harvest...
WOW, that would be a great instructable, that is actually what I have done. I put the top of the pineapple in a pot and am waiting for something to happen. That was about 3 -4 weeks ago. Also, I live in PA, I would imagine that I would need to bring this in during the cold months. Is that what you do? THanks again for the info. Good stuff.
What a good idea, make an instructable about growing pineapples! How about this...

I plant my pineapples in the ground since the worst winter weather I get is the occasional frost, and they do fine. Like you said, up in PA, I would definitely bring the plants inside during the winter. In a few months you should probably start to see some growth happening.
Ha, I just bought a tomato tree on line for 9 dollars of american currency. Apparently it's suppose to grow over 25 feet high and yield 3-4 bushels of toms. I don't know if this is the same kind they have in disney, but if all grows well, I'm going to collect many seeds and become a tomato tree expert. Wouldn't it be nice to grow only 1 tomato plant and get that kind of results. Someone is stoked.
You can do this with gourds. You can also tie knots in their handles. (long handled dippers) What's nice about doing this with gourds, is once they're dry, you have an unusual shape to create your art on.. Wrapping rope, or chicken wire, around them can create some fantastic shapes. The Chinese still put small gourds into molds and make cricket cages out of them when they are harvested and dried. Google gourds, and follow some of the links.... very interesting plant.
yea i saw that when i went on holiday a few months ago to orlando.
some say jackfruit is the flavor of juciyfruit chewing gum
Actually, they probably taste WAY different. They're related to breadfruit, which taste like potatoes.
I didn't know that Disney did so much more then take our money !!
That's actually exactly what I was thinking about when i read this. I saw that during the summer
emac woofboy1117 years ago
cool video
watermelon (author)  woofboy1117 years ago
That's interesting... I did not know that Epcot Center was devoted to hydroponics. Are the fish tanks part of the system/
It's been years since I've taken the walking tour of the greenhouses where they go more in depth about everything, but my guess is that the the fish tank water isn't the same water used in the hydroponics (I think that's what you mean). It probably would work well too if the fish water was used to feed the plants. I know I fertilize my garden with the water from my fish tank whenever it's cleaned.
The term for what you are describing is "aquaponics" where the fish and plants are used to form an almost "closed" ecosystem:


The fish produce nutrients for the plants while the plants clean the water.
knektek5 years ago
could you make this with wood or another material? because i'm not sure where i can find this.
i cant find the wall material anywhere any suggestions on substitutes????
i dont think so because wood isnt cleat. but maybe with some other clear plastic.
l96470fps5 years ago
cool, maybe a square pumpkin?
Taoiseach5 years ago
 You could sell the watermelons and also sell seeds, claiming they'll grow into square watermelons.
bowmaster7 years ago
I have a rare mutated variety that grows in a cube shape naturally.
watermelon (author)  bowmaster7 years ago
Send me a couple of boxes of seeds...
Them don't produce seeds so I have to keep the plant alive for them to keep growing.
watermelon (author)  bowmaster7 years ago
Send cuttings...
I have tryed to grow them from cutting and it does not work:(
Send the plant...
It's one of a kind and highly fragile. I can't. Sorry.
Oh well...
sure you do
It Looks Like Those Melons From Super Mario Sunshine
ya i know
ReCreate6 years ago
I'm gonna try this on some pumpkins and squash...
cool jack o lanterns
haha brilliant!
ya i thought so thank you
haha yeah! :D
It will be cool
Yeah it would.
i might try it next year
yeah, i would too
ok lets end this discussion we are taking up too much space on the comments thingy
ok it didnt work that well btw nice user name
Thanks, also, Its something else, we will have to wait till tomorrow...
Itcobod6 years ago
clear plexiglass or color?
hey i'm Elizabeth but you can call me Bess. they sqaure watermelon i eat at work. they make them just for me!
mas97796 years ago
shame i hare watermelon.
This is sweet...a watermelon that won't roll away when you try to cut it!
watermelon (author)  Rowan Willow7 years ago
...or smash on the floor when if roles out of the frig during an Earth tremor.
rdx watermelon6 years ago
Have you already grow up square watermelon? Or it is your project.
sweet, im gonna sell these during the summer. i just have to grow them first...
lynks6 years ago
try home improvement stores I belive plexiglass has similar properties
Bluewave1 lynks6 years ago
I can supply you with the acrylic that you will need if you like. My email is marc@bluewaveplastics.net. I normally have this in stock. Let me know what you need and I'll get you a price.
gamertj6 years ago
has any1 found a substitute for the walls?????
awang8 gamertj6 years ago
Pretty much anything that's stronger than watermelon skin.
Fasteners6 years ago
Yeah this definitely needs to exist.
maxmolty6 years ago
Since this was your idea..., you dont mind if we/me/people sell these do you? Well I'll be staying in the States anyways. hahaha
fetmats6 years ago
They look really funny! Must be a joy when stacking for storage too :D. Thumbs up!
Doveman6 years ago
I want to try this and take them to the farmers market lol. The look on people's faces would be priceless. Square watermelons would stack eazer too.
Esmagamus7 years ago
82 dollars for a watermelon? I've got to start a business on that!
I was thinking the same thing when I saw that. Methinks a few years of that will help pay for college.
nibbler1257 years ago
i gotta try that
RainSky7 years ago
Cool! Very creative! )))
pepperreed7 years ago
A good place to get watermelon seeds is www.seedsavers.org. All open-pollinated, heirloom varieties.
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
i've seen cube emlons before, i think it was in national geographic anyway, Great Instructable!
I think they were, or still are, popular in Japan
arhodes187 years ago
very cool! 5/5 and faved!
in China do they sell them for sumthing like 100 dollar each!
Fizzxwizz7 years ago
There are many things I would like to see grown square.Apples, Carrots,Pineapple, and last on the list before it becomes a novel, Mushrooms!
YES! I'm totally gonna put boxes on our baby apples on our apple trees. Thank you!!!
Sadly, carrots taste funny when forced to grow in an unusual shape. (Our ground apparently gets very hard about 6 inches below the surface, so we got carrots shaped like turnips. They couldn't get and deeper so they grew outwards.) They were rather bitter.
Trebawa7 years ago
I've wanted to try this for a while but I doubt watermelon would grow in South Florida =(.
it will , i did when i lived in wisconson
JellyWoo7 years ago
would plexi glass work?
watermelon (author)  JellyWoo7 years ago
Polycarbonate is about 30 times stronger than glass and about 12 times stronger than plexi glass, which is cast Acrylic shee, so you would need to use a much thicker sheet.
zorro33557 years ago
ceeeee o o ellll
skeptikool7 years ago
If I may be so Immodest to remark, why has no one asked the most pertinent question, "Why would one do it?" Ah, yes. Of course - watermelon sandwiches. And there I go, answering my own question again.
Watermelon sandwiches. Good job at answering your own question. Only problem is that the bread would get all soggy.
reading into this a couple years ago, they said that it was purely for the "wow" factor and it also madee it easier to transport them, easier to stack, stuff like that
Not to mention fewer trips to the ER when you're trying to cut one...
They would do this in places/countries where space is an issue, like Tokyo where you often have small refrigerators.
yiumanwan7 years ago
-it looks nice-
SoapBubble7 years ago
Thankyou for making alll of my dreams come true.
kinawera7 years ago
The only main issue with cube watermelons is that they are more fragile than the standard round ones. I imagine people began making cubed ones to stack more onto a truck, but I'd imagine they require more care in handling. On a side note, I love that we have got to the point where vegetables can "look like Mickey Mouse and taste like juicy fruit". This might be the pinnacle of human civilisation right here.
az19957 years ago
Well... this caught my attention... =D
Earl_Grey7 years ago
The Japanese did this on a commercial basis to make packaging easier and ore economical. I don't think the melons were popular though so it didn't catch on.
watermelon (author)  Earl_Grey7 years ago
Supply and demand set the price, which was 10,000 Yen ($82.00 USD) in Japan June 22, 2001. At that price, only restaurants can afford them. However, If the price ever comes down then they could take the place of ordinary melons since they will not role around inside the refrigerator whenever there is an Earth tremor and knock the refrigerator door open.
so if we made boxes and we sold the mellons for lets say 6USD each you could actualy make some money?
watermelon (author)  gameboy7oa7 years ago
Since China is the world's largest grower of watermelon, if you live in the US you may want to move to Immokalee, Fl to compete with them. :-)
yah im shure i couldint grow like 10 watermellons since i live in NY
watermelon (author)  gameboy7oa7 years ago
They do require a lot of space but can be grown indoors in places where growing season is very short.
INDOORS?!?!? Oh wait... you mean like in a greenhouse. I was picturing a big mound of dirt in the corner of my living room...
A greenhouse, damn it why didn't you say that earlier... I already spread soil on my carpet! Haha really tho, I'm doing this in my basement apartment, I'm already growing carrots, tomatoes, beans and peppers.
Indoor CARROTS? I can hardly grow a decent carrot under the August sun! And pretty much any poor plant that I drag kicking and screaming through my front door knows it's a death sentence. Outside I actually do pretty well with the vegs., but I have no idea how you'd grow indoor carrots -- please post pics!
Can this be done with kittens and puppies or just watermelons? Joe
could this be done in the shape of say a triangle or a pentagon
yah, if you want to make the shape u might just have to use a clay/smoothing thing along and inside edge because it might put more stress on the shape.
How cool!! I am going to grow these for the farmer's market.
pvel6666337 years ago
good idea watermelon. thanks for sharing
pyroman507 years ago
You should try triangle watermelons
cool i'm thinkin of doin that
crazymatt7 years ago
I heard about these square watermelons. I've heard that the Japanese scientists first found out how to grow these just so that they can stack the watermelons better. This is a great instructable for growing some interesting fruit. This is definitley going on my "Stuff to do before I die list". :D
darkmuskrat7 years ago
Combine the 2 most popular instructables here today
Companion cube + Square Watermellon
to get ...square watermellon painted to look like a companion cube
(this time u shouldnt get sad when it dies"
AT darkmuskrat7 years ago
Love this idea! Why not paint it to look like a Rubix Watermelon cube! Not a solved one either. Then you could mess with the hard core Rubix people by panting it in an impossible configuration that can't be solved. I wonder how this would work with Gallagher's sledge-o-matic?
thegreenson AT7 years ago
HAHAHHA awesome... I know some people that would drive nuts!
darkmuskrat AT7 years ago
Wow, thats crazy. Right now im spending my afternoon making a Companion Cube Ottoman :P it will be my first instructable... STay Tuned :P
Paint? Why use paint, when you could genetically modify the watermelon express different colored pigments on its skin to match the companion cube's texture.
Ill bring the needles, u bring the nanobots/advance gene therapy :P (Slight update- expect me to post a life size companion cube ottoman tutorial soon, only need to appolster it.) :D
bob314157 years ago
Hi I'm from Ecuador. Your instructable is very funny! LOL!!!!
Cool. Plain and Simple. ..::NoLimitDomains::..
I heard this was popular in Japan.
watermelon (author)  Celtic_Monkey7 years ago
Is very popular in many areas where Earthquakes have a tendency to role one out of the refrigerator.
paulm7 years ago
I couldent find the indian reference =)

could you explain please?
watermelon (author)  paulm7 years ago
Oh the Plateau Indians in America... also know as Flat Head Indians. They were known to White men before the Lewis and Clark expedition. In addition to mutilation of teeth they would bind the foreheads of their infants to a board to deform the skull as a matter of enhancing the infant's social status later in life.
Other tribes in Africa, South America do this Head Binding too; however, they have found that it has the potential to cause serious brain malformation/damage - skeletal remains have been examined with regard to this too.
watermelon (author)  Earl_Grey7 years ago
It is surprising in fact just how wide spread over the world teeth mutilation and head binding are. I did not hear about this until several years ago but I've known about Chinese foot binding since the second or third grade.
very odd... the body should grow without such problems... just thinking of how malformed your bones would and can be from those processes mentioned is scary... I have seen the after effects of foot binding and the tooth mutilation... its astounding how they think it raises social vaules.... thankfully watermelons dont have skulls!
A few Plains Indians tribes would keep their babies' heads strapped to a board, which caused the skull to form with the back being flat.
watermelon (author)  redhedinsanity7 years ago
With the Plateau Indians it's the forehead that is flattened. I wonder it any of this in the back of the head could have been for the purpose of preventing the head from rolling?
ipatch7 years ago
soooooooo cool
watermelon (author)  ipatch7 years ago
I am seriously thinking about doing a pumpkin to make a Frankenstein head, too!.
I have seen people do it with cinder blocks. Doest looks as cool but still has shape.
watermelon (author)  joejoerowley7 years ago
Just wondering if it becomes discolored in places where sunlight can't reach.
they become slightly more yellow, but not enough to make you not want to eat it.
Just leave the lexan unpainted there should be no visible variation in coloration
hes talking about using cinder blocks.
Ahhhh thanks for the clarification
I don't know. I just saw a picture of someone dmoing it once. Once it grows really big they break the cinder block with a sledge hammer .
Just had scary mental image of people doing it with cinder blocks... Ouch!
geeklord7 years ago
why are your pictures so small???
watermelon (author)  geeklord7 years ago
Which ones?
NeilLizard7 years ago
I have heard of these before. You can also grow watermelons in a large tube or pipe and they will be the same shape.
Could you use plywood (or similar) or does the watermelon itself need light? I figure since the leaves are outside the box it should be okay.
The melon would probably be lighter color if it didn't have direct light. Kinda like how the bottom of the watermelon has a lighter color and all....
watermelon (author)  sterlingsilver7 years ago
The green stuff on the skin is chlorifil and the areas somewhat hidden from sunlight do eventually turn yellow.
selaja7 years ago
so basically making a box, then putting a watermelon in it. cool idea.
mspark4007 years ago
+ 1 this is awesome, a few more pics would be nice but still cool
watermelon (author)  mspark4007 years ago
You can view more pics here however, the images are not downloadable.
Vertigo6667 years ago
Some guy in Korea made square apples, but they cost like $5 for one.
watermelon (author)  Vertigo6667 years ago
I have a grapefruit tree I'm going to try it with as well. The square watermelons they sold in Japan on June 22, 2001 ran around $82 USD each.
Patrik7 years ago
Those square melons are pretty amazing, aren't they? Like a giant version of TimAnderson's Portrait Gourds.

I had seen pictures of these before, but have never seen them in person in the US so far. Have you grown and/or tasted these before? I wonder if constraining them to a specific size has any effect on the flavor.

Also, you probably have to be careful about leaving these in the box too long. Not sure the hinges would be able to resist a melon truly determined to escape the strictures of its upbringing. :-)
watermelon (author)  Patrik7 years ago
LOL... womb, if you will? Yeah, you probably have to keep track of them else loose the hinges or screws a lot. Polycarbonate is about 30 times stronger than glass and about 12 times stronger than Acrylic so most likely something else would go first. How square the corners are becoming may be a descent clue. A pressure gauge arrangement of some sort might be a helpful idea too. I live in an area where people have grown very wealthy on growing only watermelon but they have not grown the square ones yet to my knowledge. Next season maybe. Polycarbonate is fairly cheap but not for a whole field full of melons. The advantage, according to growers in Japan, is that they do not take up as much room in a refrigerator whereas here that idea would be applied to the trucks.
Yeah, but in japan they can probably also get away with charging at least ten times what you'd pay here for a watermelon. I bet that box itself is far more expensive than a watermelon, so you have to jack up the price as a "novedlty" food, or expect to wait many, many years to recoup the cost..
watermelon (author)  Patrik7 years ago
Actually the completed box sells currently for $79.65 each plus shipping, while the square watermelons sold in Japan for $82.00 each on June 22, 2001. ...lets see... box or watermelon?, box or watermelon? ...okay, I'll take the box!
Senseless7 years ago
Hah! Excellent I'm going to have to try that. Anyone remember Bonzai Kitty?
They do this in Japan to save space ;)
they are wicked expensive, my dad bought one and it was around forty bucks i think : )
RATM7 years ago
This is genius. +1
watermelon (author)  RATM7 years ago
Glad you like it!
$ NAB $7 years ago
I'm definitely going to try this!
grenadier7 years ago
this is so cool!

Check out my instructable! MiniTV
Really really smart idea. This is an awesome Instructable, have you tried it out yet?
watermelon (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
I've been too busy trying out the one on how to make out... over and over again. ;D
Rob K7 years ago
I have herd of this done with apples too.