Grow Vegetables Indoors Over Winter





Introduction: Grow Vegetables Indoors Over Winter

During winter it's hard to grow your own veggies without them freezing to death. We still want our fresh vegetables but don't have a glass house to put them in, so I decided to build myself an indoor window box.

What you need:

Square section tin spouting
Untreated wood about 20mm thick
Wood screws
Rubber feet

Step 1: Materials

I went along to a local building supply recycler and found a length of tin spouting. The spouting was about 130mm square, 1800mm long and made from colour steel which is tin with a baked on colour coating. The spouting cost me NZ $8.00.

After a look thru my wood pile I found some untreated 150x150x20mm timber for the ends of my window box.

Step 2: Assembly

Measure the inside of the spouting, across the bottom and up the sides.
Mark and cut two pieces of your untreated wood so they fit snugly in the ends of the spouting.

Pre-drill the spouting about 10mm in from the edge and put a bead of sealant along the edge. The sealant is simply to stop water leaking out around the ends onto my window sills.

Use wood screws to secure the ends of your window box on.

I used four self adhesive rubber feet on the bottom of the window box so the screws on the bottom dont scratch the window sill.

Step 3: All Done

Now its time to fill your window box with soil and plant some vegetables. I put my window box in a nice sunny window, after a few days I could see the lettuces had grown!!

Happy growing.



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Questions & Answers


Good idea. I,ll make one, if I ever divorce my wife.

Nice job like the idea , have a look to my hydroponics garden

great idea !!! May I ask. which direction that the window faces ? west or east or another ? And how long the estimate time of plants get the sunlight ? Thank you

Hi. Thanks for the comment. The window was facing north (I'm in the southern hemisphere) so it got sun most of the day. I can't remember how long they took to grow, I would pick leaves off as required for making lunches etc.

Brilliant idea. I had a similar one for work as a way of inspiring staff to make their own lunches and grab herbs and salads from the windowsill garden. We haven't done it yet, but this certainly gives inspiration.... thank you, I'll pass it on in my Facebook page.

Kind regards

what do you do about drainage issues? This seems to be the perpetual problem with indoor gardening.

We just dont over water it. Just enough water to keep it damp but not moist enough for bugs to populate.

This build looks more like a box than something I'd depend on to really hold water, especially if I'm picking it up as a second-hand gutter. (Ever seen someone throw away a gutter that was perfectly leak free?) I'd seal it and then line it with plastic. Another alternative is to use PVC with holes where you want the plants or cut lengthwise into two long troughs. That way you have caps and sealant easily available.

Additionally, this needs to be in a South-Facing window with zero shade from neighbors or trees.

I made one of these last year just out of an aluminum gutter - I put gravel on the bottom of the gutter and used straws as "vents"...  details here on my blog

Isn't it nice to have fresh veggies growing in the winter?!  Late last winter I grew peas just to enjoy watching something GROW in the winter. 

Don't you have to worry about bugs. I tried growing inside once and had a bunch of little flies/bugs. not to sure what they are, but was a real nusince. Any ideas.