Grow Your Own - Indoor Hydro/Aquaponic/soil System





Introduction: Grow Your Own - Indoor Hydro/Aquaponic/soil System

I have setup a small space aquaponic system in my 16 Sqm house and started growing cherry tomatoes

grow lights

250W floracent light for green growth

90W led + 10W UVB for fruit

less words more vegetables :)



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    the tent is the " fruit/flower" chamber with 12hr/12hr light/dark cycle

    10x 4 da support

    gladlly to answer more questions

    i have bolted 2 bolts into the sealing with attached rings the bolts can hold more then a ton.

    then with abseiling ropes 10mm i mounted a pallet which the ropes hold with a pulley which can take it up and down... at the mean time its manual// a grow tent 1metr x 1metr x 1.60 sits on the pallet and the pump in the fish pool below will move water up for irrigation cleaned by the grow bed down back to the pool (future setup soon to b implemented and posted)


    Nice setup!

    Can you tell a bit more about some of the details? For instance, is that a hanging pallet . . . what have you got going on there? It looks interesting!

    waiting for roots to develop to move plants into hydroton/// will update with pics