Step 6: Time Passes

Picture of Time Passes
The tree after 12 hours.

You can keep your crystal shape growing indefinately, by adding more water/salt solution to the bowel.
sylbl122 years ago
I remember buying kits for my children, am looking for activities for my grandchildren over the holidays, this is definitely a good idea, thanks for sharing.
Two questions:
1) You said the ammonia was optional, depending on humidity, etc. I live in one of the rainiest cities in America so it's always very humid here, so would that make the ammonia more or less important?
2) If I wanted to make little kits as gifts, where I pre-mixed the solution and kept it in a bottle, do you know if it would keep and for how long?
Thanks! BTW, great instructable!
tiag794 years ago
This looks interesting but I'm not too sure I want to try this just yet. Maybe when my 4 year old it 5 or 6. She'll probably think it's candy from the coloring, lol. But I must admit that I think this would be a nice science experiment for my 13 yr old to give a try.
D00M994 years ago
I see in the video that the crystals fall off sometimes. Any way to prevent?

Also, any scientific reason as to why this happens? Very interested in the process.
mik3 (author)  D00M994 years ago
The crystals are pretty fragile, so when get too big they break & fall off by themselves. Growing them in a place where they don't get jarred too much can help.
JKibs956 years ago
"...adding more water/salt solution to the bowel." serious rotflol
mik3 (author)  JKibs956 years ago
Well, it's one way of having fun while sitting 'round & watching the crystals grow... ;-)
JKibs95 mik36 years ago
Maybe not "fun" per se.
 Unless you define "fun" as a nasty burning sensation...
suzzy5195 years ago
hey pretty cool !!