Step 8: Filming the Crystal Tree Growing

Picture of Filming the Crystal Tree Growing
I set up a Canon PowerShot A40 with remote capture software to take one picture every minute.

The halogen desk lamp overhead is an attempt to provide a consistent light source, as well as warming things up a little (to speed up evaporation).
CraftBear4 years ago
Would it work with any shape "tree" do you think?
mik3 (author)  CraftBear4 years ago
It should work with any shape, but it's best as long as the material is porous ...
As a kid, we used charcoal briquettes, and there's another instructable that uses a toilet paper tube: http://www.instructables.com/id/Salt-Crystal-Garden/
Vehan6 years ago
I think it is cool but what is mr stewarts bluing?
youngstuna6 years ago
i think that this invention is really cool
frogmama6 years ago
frogmama6 years ago
Do you have the video posted on Youtube or somewhere? Thanks!