Step 7: Watch your lovely apple tree grow.

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aliroussel12 months ago

Cross pollination is required for a tree to produce fruit. The fruit is a direct result of its flowers being exposed to the pollen of another apple tree.

Where does one obtain desirable scion wood?

To be honest, I don't care if my apple seed grows to a crab apple tree. I would be just happy that I grew a tree. I germinated my seed much differently, and It grew in 2 weeks. A 1 and a half inch tall plant in 2 weeks. I took a small bowl,about 2 inches wide and, 1 and a half inches long. I put soil and pushed down the seed. I rapped water aroudn my fingers for about 3 mintues and dripped tiny droplets of water in the bowl until it was moist, with the soil in the bowl, and seed pushed in. Then I took a sandwich plastic baggy and rapped it around the bowl and it left the bag upwards about 3 inches over the bowl. I took a rubber band and put it around the bag part that was around the bowl. Then I put it in the sun. It started growing and condensation filled inside of the bag and it kept the soil moist. My plant looks like how yours did. With the 2 round leaves and the 2 narrow leaves going diagnally upward. This method of growing seeds is much better and promising then the method of germinating in a paper towel. I have tried the paper towel germination 4 times with no luck, and the bowl with the plastic bag and rubber band in the sun once, and that succeded far more and faster. My plant grows taller each day I see it. Thank you for reading.
carlos1w5 years ago
Very interesting.  Pardon my ignorance, but could you tell me why grafting is required?  If you planted the seed of a desirable apple, wouldn't that work without grafting?  Thank you for the instructable.
potato wings (author)  carlos1w5 years ago
 I graft because if you just left the apple tree to grow from the seed it would cross polinate with another tree and there would be an almost impossible chance of it ever producing apples.