Growing Ginger in Pots at Home





Introduction: Growing Ginger in Pots at Home

We use ginger regularly at home and I thought of planting few rhizomes in a pot to see how it grows

Step 1: Potting Soil

  • I have taken equal amounts of garden soil and sand and mixed them in a pan to make the potting soil

Step 2: Plant Giner Rhizomes

  • I have cleaned one old earthen pot and filled to half of its depth with soil mix
  • Then few ginger rhizomes have been placed on the soil and covered with potting mix

Step 3: Ginger Shoots

  • Watered the pot and kept it in the open. And I have also kept watering the pot regularly
  • After one month, the rhizomes produced few shoots .You can see that one of them grow to few inches tall

Step 4: Ginger Plant After 3 Months

  • After three months, the ginger plant produced many shoots and growing well
  • I have removed little soil near the root and saw an young shoot coming out from underneath
  • I have covered it again with soil and left it as it is

I am waiting for the plant to mature and produce flowers, then I can harvest fresh ginger from the pot



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    Wow great post, I cannot wait to try it! Thanks for the inspiration.