Growing Gourds (Ridge Gourd, Bitter Gourd and Snake Gourd)

Picture of Growing Gourds (Ridge Gourd, Bitter Gourd and Snake Gourd)
It is spring... Time for garden enthusiasts like me to wake up and prepare the backyard to plant our own vegetables... Even people with very little space use their terrace to plant vegetables in containers. Gourd varieties like Ridge gourd, Bitter gourd and Snake gourd are some of the popular vegetables which can be very easily grown in the home garden. These plants do not require much attention. However, by putting in a little more effort you will enjoy a great yield from the same plant from which you used to harvest very few fruits only.

A step-by-step instructable on growing Ridge Gourd at your home garden... These methods apply to other varieties of gourds like snake gourd and bitter gourd also.
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Step 1: Seeds

Picture of Seeds
Let us start with seeds...

Either you can save seeds from previous year's fruits allowing one or two to fully mature and dry in the plant itself or you can buy seeds from shops.

in the first picture you can see the ridge gourd seeds being collected from last year's dried fruit. The seeds are protected by the sponge-like network of fibers. You can extract the seeds from the fruit whenever you are planning to plant.

The second picture shows the seeds stored in cow dung. You can harvest the matured seeds and press them into flattened fresh cow dung and dry it in shade. Cow dung is natural protector and will not allow any pests to damage the seeds. You can break the dried  cow dung cake and take out the seeds any time.

The third picture is of the store-bought seeds. These seeds are treated with chemical pesticides and are artificially colored to show the presence of pesticides. Take care while handling store-bought, chemically treated seeds and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.
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psunil14 days ago
Great article. Started growing after reading ur article. i hav lot of questions... How long does this plant lost? Do I need to plant every year? also why my plant doesn't bear more than 3 ridge gourds?
Please explain.
antoniraj (author)  psunil13 days ago
thank you... this plant will last for a season only. You need to plant every year. Secondly, you need to prune the vines so that lateral shoots will emerge and bear more gourds. Please go through the instructable on how to prune your vine
psunil psunil14 days ago
Btw.... last week ridge gourd grew 800cm long. Tastes yummy.


I am from Kerala, I want to grow Ridge Gourd in my home. From Where I get the seeds

antoniraj (author)  Byjukanjirathingal16 days ago
Seeds are easily available in Kerala. I have seen vendors selling seeds in street corners. Otherwise you can get seeds from shops selling pesticides. They also stock seeds

Hi there , I'm a dibetic. Can i grow that crop in the tropics? specifically in venezuela?

antoniraj (author)  julian.eisig1 month ago

Hi Julian, yes, you can very well grow them in Venezuela... some of the gourd varieties like Bitter gourd, Ridge gourd and Bottle gourd are known to control diabetes.

123peche.1 month ago

I have been growing ridge gourd in adelaide. But they have turned really bitter. Do you know what is the reason behind it.?

antoniraj (author)  123peche.1 month ago
It happened to me also. This is due to the presence of cucurbitacin in large amounts. This may happen due to pollination by bitter pollens from other plants. Try hand pollinating the female flowers with male flowers from same plant.

Also, before cooking cut one small piece from the end and lightly touch with your tongue. If it tastes bitter discard it. Otherwise the bitter one will make all other good ones also inedible
VikramV1 made it!2 months ago

I have bittter gourd growing in acre, but the problem is leaves are turning pale yellow and most of the 3 days old fruits are turning yellowish orange when they grow upto 2 inch size. what seems to be the problem? the total crop is having yellow leaves and small young fruits with yellow colour. please help

antoniraj (author)  VikramV12 months ago
you got a very good setup for growing bitter gourds. The problem seems to be viral attack. Please give me your mail id and I will send some files to you regarding growing bitter gourds and disease management. Though they suggested use of chemical pesticides, I will not recommend them to be used on vegetables

Thank you very much for the reply. is my email ID. Looking forward for your reply

antoniraj (author)  VikramV12 months ago

mail sent to you bounced... please give me a valid mail id

antoniraj (author)  VikramV12 months ago

please go through attached files sent to your mail. hope this will help

SiddeshK3 months ago

The best guide on gourd Sir!! May you write more guides to guide ignorant people like us!!

Thanks a lot!! I will try this method soon :)

antoniraj (author)  SiddeshK3 months ago
thank you...

Amazing and very helpful article on growing gourds. I have planted three ridge gourds in a grow bag on our terrace. I dont know how to set up trellis. Can this plant just be left to grow on the floor?

antoniraj (author)  bkaravindkumar5 months ago
you will not get many fruits if you leave it on the ground. make some sort of trellis with pvc pipes. it is very easy
SoumyaR5 months ago

Hi there - I am growing Snakegourd (Podalakai) . Can I grow two plants in a big grow bag?

antoniraj (author)  SoumyaR5 months ago
yes, you can grow two snake gourd plants in a large grow bag


what area do you live, do those plants need a warm climate?

antoniraj (author)  BG_instructs1 year ago

thank you... I live in Tamil Nadu, India.. yes, gourds need a warm climate to grow

Waw! such a nice article. That too with pictures. hats off to u. I have a ridge gurad plant in my balcony and the fruits are getting dried out when they are small and tiny. So is it because of the failed pollination? also the leaves of the main stem are getting the white patches like coated with white powder. what to do? please help. tha plant has grown so nicely and lot of flowers and small fruit buds. i dont want to lose the plant. please help antony. thanks a ton

antoniraj (author)  chandrakala.santosh7 months ago

thank you... the fruits getting dried out may be due to failed pollination. Try manual pollination. Your plant is also seems to be affected with Mealybugs. Prune out all affected leaves and throw them far away. You may wash the main stem with kerosene which will kill all the bugs. otherwise you can use a water jet aslo washing the plant thoroughly..

Wiggelstick7 months ago

Great pictures! Any good recipes for Ridge Gourd?

antoniraj (author)  Wiggelstick7 months ago
this page contains about 15 recipes of ridge gourd. I hope this wull be helpful to you
Deepu147 months ago

I was bit confused on counting nodes, what need to be consider as node.

Please explain what is node

antoniraj (author)  Deepu147 months ago

A node (in Botany) is a point on a plant stem where a leaf, flower / fruit are growing. If you see the first photograph in Step 12, you can see baby gourds growing adjacently. The point from which they are growing is a node

Deepu14 antoniraj7 months ago

Thanks a lot. Very very helpful information.

Deepu14 Deepu147 months ago


After pruning I have got lot of female flowers but after growing to 1/2 to 1 inch they are turning into pale yellow colour and not growing. Do we need to do anything to turn them to grow up, please suggest.

antoniraj (author)  Deepu147 months ago

it seems your flowers are not pollinated properly. You need to pollinate the flowers manually. Please see Step-11 above for guidance

Deepu14 antoniraj7 months ago

Thanks for the response.

The Female buds are not opening. They are turning to pale color before it opens the flower. One more problem is leaves are badly infected with some fungus. They are having brown marks all over.

antoniraj (author)  Deepu147 months ago

Prune all infected parts and throw them far away. If the entire plant is infected then you have to remove the plant from your garden before the infection spreads to other plants. Also spray the organic pesticide I have mentioned in Step 10. This may not be very effective but control the infection spreading

MIrfanepcl7 months ago

Dear Antoniraj,

Very useful topic and related to my research. First of all highly appreciated to you for a detail topic discussed here.

I have a problem , My Ridge gourd is not making flower or fruit , I grow up this plant in April-2014 and now this is very huge and grown well up to the third floor from garden. But still no any sign of flower. Kindly let me know the method or knowledge about this.

Many thanks.


antoniraj (author)  MIrfanepcl7 months ago
Did you add any growth stimulant or fertilizers like urea..? Too much of nitrogen rich fertilizers helps only foliage growth with less or no flowers. Timely pruning also helps in flowers and fruit set. Please do not add any fertilizers and do carry out pruning which may help in new growth with flowers
SoumyaR7 months ago

this is by far the best detailed article on growing gourds I have read!! Thanks a ton.

antoniraj (author)  SoumyaR7 months ago

thank you...

SoumyaR7 months ago

awesome. Will this grow this in August - September rainy climate? Please guide.

antoniraj (author)  SoumyaR7 months ago
Yes, this is the right season to plant. You can plant all type of vegetables now.
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