Picture of Growing Love
This is a tree to express all all that I love about my husband. It sort of symbolizes all that I love about him and all that he has given to me...
and the to symbolize it growing.
While doing it kids wanted to have their own tree I made smaller trees and told them to write names  of all those they love and to hang it on the youngest is almost 3 and cant I told him to paste hearts...he was quite happy to do it :-)
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
you will need
construction paper
thin floral wire

Step 2: Tree

Picture of Tree
Draw your tree on a paper...try and make it symmetric.  transfer the drawing to cardboard...cut 2 identical trees..
Cut a slot on top of the trunk on one tree and and another slot at the bottom of the trunk on the other tree...check picture
slot it and check...cut a bit more if necessary and glue it in place.

Step 3: Love messages

Picture of love messages
cut out hearts from construction paper...write your messages...poke a hole with a pin and pass the wire through.
hang it on your tree and let your love grow :-)
for little kids you could punch hearts and tell them to paste and also for a little older kids you could tell them to write the names of all those they love in it and hang it on the tree.
have fun creating love!
velorna1 year ago

love it

shizy25 (author)  velorna1 year ago

Thank you!

shazni2 years ago
I's a real bonding time experience :-)
This is really sweet!