Step 10: Fruiting chamber

Picture of Fruiting chamber
A simple fruiting chamber can be fashioned out of an aquarium or a large tupperware box.

The main purpose of the chamber is to create a high humidity (90% to 100%) environment for our mushrooms to flourish.

To easily humidify the chamber, fill a strainer with your perlite and soak it in a bowl of water for 5 to 10 minutes, drain it, and line the bottom of the container with it. This will allow the water to slowly evaporate to create high humidity.

Place squares of aluminum foil where you will be putting your substrate cakes in the next step.

Be sure to use some sort of cover to keep the humidity in the chamber. If you can drill holes into the sides of the container to allow air exchange, the mushrooms produce CO2 and require O2 to live!
when your fruiting them how long do you leave them in their for? and are they in the 8 oz jar or just dumped in there?