Step 7: Inoculation

Picture of Inoculation
Inoculation is the process of introducing spores of your chosing into the sterilized substrate to take hold and grow.

In this step, be sure to take precautions to prevent contamination of the jars!!

Leave the jars in the pressure cooker until you are ready to Inoculate.

It is best to use a cleaned small room (such as a bathroom), HEPA flow hood or glove box when Inoculating.

Here is the basic order of things during the Inoculation procedure:

1. Open the pressure cooker
2. Remove a jar
3. Heat the syringe needle until it is red hot, with either a lighter or alcohol lamp
4. Remove the foil
5. Insert the needle into the hole you punched with a nail earlier
6. Inject some (about 1ml or so) of the spore saturated fluid into the substrate, on the wall of the glass jar. You should be able to see the needle tip and the water run down the side of the jar.
7. Repeat with the other nail holes
8. Replace the foil and continue with the next jar, reheat the needle if it touches anything unsterilized or every 3 or so jars to prevent contaminations.

See the second picture on this step for an example of contamination, green penicillium mold is a common contaminant. Yellow and pink discoloration is another sign of contamination.
jonathanb511 months ago

you should put shake the spore syringe well in the steps

bwarman144 years ago
Be careful not to get ripped off a lot of spore vendors on the net will do just that.
Use Mushroom Prints if you can, they are totally reliable and sometimes give away free spores and stuff with orders.
g0pher8 years ago
contams can be a health hazard, some of them being very toxic. for example the black mold. if your jar is contaminated DO NOT OPEN IT, when you open a jar with mold in it, the spores go everywhere, and if inhaled in enough quantities, it will take you down. pressure cook the contaminated jars before opening to kill off the mold, then wear a mask and dispose of properly. i would just get rid of the whole thing, jar and all, your life is worth a lot more than a jar :)
not only worry about it being a safety hazard but , you have a chance of those free floating spores contaminating over and over making it so you cant grow your mushrooms... so throw it away do not open it.
Bando800 g0pher6 years ago
We don't want to spread fear mongering sensationalism. Not too likely your going to die from opening a contaminated jar buddy. Just like if your spaghetti sauce goes bad, it may stink but it's probably not deadly unless you eat a lot of it. True, you don't want to open it because it can spread the kind of spores or bacteria you don't want in your grow area. This can damage your success rate. Just throw it out. It's not any more dangerous than any spoiled kitchen item though.
jaagiv6 years ago
okay this seems really cool and i would like to try it myself, where do i go about finding "spores" to do this project?
yooo6 years ago
what will happen if the spores are injected in the center of the jar instead of the walls?