Step 7: Updates!

Picture of Updates!
July 4th -
The pins on the shiitake log have continued to grow (slowly, but they are growing) and there are a few more than there were previously - no full-blown mushrooms though. . .yet. Since the plexi box is under a table in my living room, I've kept a towel over it. In addition to blocking out a lot of light, this seems to help keep the inside of the box a little warmer (but just slightly) than the rest of the room.

The oyster roll just didn't seem ready to fruit so I sealed the bag again to encourage the spreading of more mycelium (it kind of looks like the startings of mold, but I promise it isn't). It's now totally coated (before was just the top - I think I rushed to chill it too soon) and back in the fridge for a few days to encourage fruiting. Hopefully it will be able to stay moist this time, since drying out seemed to be a major issue.

July 15 -
The pins on the log continue to grow. . .very, very, very slowly. However, the oyster roll has sprouted it's first full-blown shroomies (see the fourth picture)!