Bought these Jiffy Greenhouses at a big box home improvement store (which I work at). I figured since I was going to do it anyways I might as well take some pictures and throw together an Instructable.

also makes peat pellets along with a couple other off brand.  Jiffy and Ferry-Morse are the major brands that I have seen.  Here is one I found on amazon, its about a dollar cheaper (before shipping) than the one i purchased at the big box home improvement store.

Step 1: Supplies

You really don't need to much.

A window greenhouse
Seeds, we did vegetables
Pencil (Not Pictured)
water (Also Not Pictured)

This is a great explaination of this process. It makes the instructions on the package much more understandable. Well done. PS, you can never have too much basil in your garden.
Thank you. I am glad you liked it. I also love basil. All of the plants are growing well. I am going to take pictures of the growing plants tomorrow. I am currently growing some Osage Orange trees from seeds as well as Stag Horn Sumac, which can be used as a house plant or grown outside as a shrub, the "fruit" it produces can be used to make a sort of lemonade. I will post pictures as an amendment to this instrucatable.

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