Introduction: Growing Radishes

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"A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house." ~Beth Ditto

Planting is always fun in the spring, but have you ever thought of planting any time of the year? Planting reminds us of that sweet smell of wet soil in the last winter.Planting radishes will give you that feeling anytime of the year.

Step 1: Materials

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~Pot (any size will work)

~Soil (amount varies per pot)

~Radish Seeds

~Shovel (If you don't want to touch the soil)

~Plastic Bag (optional)

Step 2: Fill the Pot

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Fill the pot up, but don't fill it to the very top. Leave about a half inch between the soil and the top of the pot.

Step 3: Seeds

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Sprinkle some seeds on top of the soil. Don't push them into the soil though.

Step 4: Soil #2

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Cover the seeds with soil. Fill the pot up to the top and don't compact the soil into the pot because the plants won't grow very fast.

Step 5: Plastic Bag (optional Step)

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Place a large bag around the pot and tie it on the end. This will create its own little rain cycle inside of it. The plant will also grow a lot quicker than being open to the air.

Step 6: Watering Your Plant

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Water your plant every morning. Make sure you give enough water for the day, but drown the plant. The radishes will not grow when given too much water.

Step 7: Placement

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Place your plant in an area where there is lots of light. Placing it in a window would more and likely be the best place for your plant. Also consider your heat source. Mine was placed in a window near a heater vent.

Step 8: Watch Your Plant Grow!!!

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Watch your plant grow and grow and grow!!!


hepzi prakash (author)2016-02-25

But to harvest radish u need a big pot na?

Karebears (author)hepzi prakash2016-02-27

Hi, that is a great question... the other step that I didn't include was to place each individual plant in a new container to make them grow more fatter. So yes, you will need a big pot for harvesting them.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-01-19

Great project. Home grown vegetables are the best.

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