Introduction: Growing Rock Candy in Under 24 Hours (Includes Time Lapse)

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Hello Yotubers TrollFaceTheMan Here... 

 I had been Looking around about Crystal Growth and such and decided to re-try an experiment I had always failed at in the past, making rock candy... Why had I always failed it..? Well patience has never been my strong suit... And waiting around a week for my Candy Crystals to grow never appealed to me...

  And you know what..? It still doesn't... So looking around and finding no method already 'Out There' to grow sugar Crystals Rapidly, I had decided to develop my own...

  Logic tells me that the more Saturated I can get my solution the faster The Sugar Crystals will grow so that is what I based my method off of... So here is how we do that...

  Step 1: Mix 3 cups Sugar and 1 Cup water in a pot and heat until all the Sugar has dissolved...

  Step 2: Keep heating the Sugar Water until it becomes like a thick syrup, try to drive as much water out of it as possible without causing it to brown... This might take some practice, and some Trial and Error but remember the more water you can get rid of now, the quicker your sugar candy will form...

 If you know what you are doing, don't go above the 'Soft Ball' stage, otherwise the sugar syrup might thicken to much for you to extract your crystals from it...

 Step 3: Once the Sugar syrup is to your liking pour into a container that you wish to use for growing in (you can also mix in flavorings and colors now...) This should be done while still hot for best results, but be careful... Once in the container you wish for it to be in, lower a String or Stick with seed crystals on it into the solution. This could literally be a stick with the syrup on it dipped in some granulated sugar... Those Sugar Granules will be where the Rock Candy forms...

  Step 4: Let it sit for awhile and cool... As it cools you should see the crystals getting bigger and bigger as more of the Sucrose Crystallizes... Keep waiting until they reach your liking, then simply remove from the solution and let them hang dry for awhile... 

  Hopefully this was of help, and thanks for watching!!


Sharondl2 (author)2014-04-22

Interesting like it... Thanks. :~)

I'm glad that you do, and thanks for commenting. :D


Chikpeas Brother (author)2014-04-20

Awesome 'ible and congrats on 100 followers!!!

Thanks I appreciate it :p

1727017 (author)2017-02-12

I made it but i put sugar,water,and food coloring but boiled it in a pan

The cloud 1808 (author)2016-03-28

(^-^) thanks

mkdieb (author)2014-06-28

this is perfect for my kids! Thank you!

TrollFaceTheMan (author)mkdieb2014-06-29

No problem I hope they enjoy it :)

ymasullo (author)2014-04-27

Nice job....but what do you do with the rest of the syrup? Seems sort of sad to waste 3 cups of sugar for one candy.

TrollFaceTheMan (author)ymasullo2014-04-27

If you wanted too you can re-dissolve the remaining sugar solution and re-use it to grow more Rock Candy, but me Personally... I stored it and plan to use it for Sugar Rockets in the Future.

lizzymayhem (author)2014-04-23

Hey, great video, very helpful! Well done, time lapse is cool.
You say "go ahead" a lot though, I think it would be a little easier on the ears if you cut a few out.
(For instance my co worker says "you know" too much, really looses it's ooomph.)
Over all though, I'd "go ahead," and give this video an "A." ;)

Am working on it... Thanks for letting me know though.

Sorry, I should have read the other comments before mentioning it. I didn't mean to beat a dead horse. Keep making videos!

It's fine, but thanks anyways. :D

It's fine, but thanks anyways. :D

kdavis44 (author)2014-04-22

Thank you

TrollFaceTheMan (author)kdavis442014-04-23

No Problem and Thank You. :)

Sarkazmo (author)2014-04-23

It appears that the accelerated process results in smaller crystals or am I completely off?

TrollFaceTheMan (author)Sarkazmo2014-04-23

That would be completely correct, the slower you grow a Crystal, the lager it will form, so it reasons to be true of the opposite...

However these are only fractionally smaller then what I would see off of normal rock candy. So the effect of this isn't signifigant.

jmhoward (author)2014-04-22

Very entertaining and informative video, thanks! Purely in the spirit of constructive criticism, you might consider limiting the use of the word "ahead" in your oral presentations? Again, fun video, thanks.

TrollFaceTheMan (author)jmhoward2014-04-22

XD thanks I'll keep that in mind.

jwagner16 (author)2014-04-22

Fascinating. Thanks so much for showing us how. I HAVE to try this.

Definatly a neat Project :)

fixfireleo (author)2014-04-22

ok, a few ideas. wondering about your reaction to them.

1. could you flavor the crystals with something like almond extract?

2. if you slightly lifted the string a few times during growth, would it have been easier to remove?

3. if you kept the solution warm (even placing in a window with sunlight) would the crystals have grown faster or does it need to cool?

4. would be interested in seeing you try this with a much taller glass and allowing it to sit for a couple days!

5. how much sugar did you use to get that one candy stick? wondering if it's cost effective or just for the experience and educational value.

6. did you eat it and was it good?

thanks man! great video!

1. Yes you most certainly could

2. It might be, It would all
depend on whether or not the Crystal has managed to form all the way to
the bottom like mine did... In which case, moving it could free it up...
But I did do this experiment again and the second one I made (With a
little Blue food Coloring and Lemon Juice) never formed that connection
so It lifted out without issue...

3. No, the solution needs to cool in order to form Crystals.

4. Maybe in the near future, thanks for the suggestion. :)

The sugar that makes up the liquid in the glass is 3 cups... However
the Remaining sugar can liquid can be dried, saved, and reused in new
batches... If you want that is...

6. Delicious, but I ate only a part of it...
Instead I remelted the remaining solution in the cup added some blue
food coloring and Lemon Juice and used my Crystal Candy as a new seed
Crystal... Here is how it looked after 8 hours later.

No problem, and thanks for watching :D

wow, that's cool. if you have kids or nieces/nephews i'm sure they would love that. by the way...herbert wants to know if you can make them in nyqil flavor! LOL

XD Very funny.

glad you got it. :)

HollyHarken (author)2014-04-22

Fascinating watching the crystals growing on the seed stick! I really enjoyed the music- who is the artist?

"The Poisoned Princes" by Media Right Productions... It is a Public Domain song and free to download and use... If you go here ( and go to the "Mood" tab then click the "Dramatic" tab, you should be able to find it pretty easy...

mcobb (author)2014-04-22

Very interesting. I'll try that, but please, stop saying "go ahead" all the time! It is really annoying!

TrollFaceTheMan (author)mcobb2014-04-22

Actually I said "Go Ahead," "Going Ahead," "Going To Go Ahead," And "Am going to Go Ahead" also... XD

It is a stutter I have, but I am working on it...

mcobb (author)TrollFaceTheMan2014-04-22

Lol ;-)

fixfireleo (author)mcobb2014-04-22

haha. i was goin to point that out to him also but i thought it might be kinda rude.

People who are worried their "Going to Be Rude" are the one who tend not be be... Thanks for the concern though, it was nice that you didn't want to be mean... I always appreciate Constructive Criticism, and I'm sure someone like you would be fine at writing it...

de4th98 (author)2014-04-20

​Ok and for the syrup is is just the kind you put on food or a different one​? Just trying to understand it better.

TrollFaceTheMan (author)de4th982014-04-20

No, regular syrup like Corn syrup or Starch Syrup is different... It is typically made from Glucose or Frutose sugar which is resistant to crystallizing...

We need a Syrup made from Sucrose, or Table Sugar... I explain how I made this in the description below the video, if your interested.

de4th98 (author)2014-04-20

What and where do you get seed crystals?

alter2000 (author)de4th982014-04-20

Seed crystals are small crystals of that substance, used to start the crystallisation process, because syrups are very difficult to crystallise (some can't crystalise at all, I guess). So, in this case, seed crystals are just sugar crystals (sugar granules). I hope I helped.

Yep, alter2000 is right, you could literally just use Table sugar as the seed crystals for this experiment. I just made that Seed Strand so when I was growing I would get less crystallization on the side of the cup, and thereby make sure that we could see the crystal growth nicely in the time lapse.

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