An easy and nutritious way to grow your own sprouts with seeds! Sprouts the wonder food...almost any seed can be sprouted. So tasty and a great way to add them to your lunches. I have a sprouting system but, you can use a stackable plastic system with a colander and tray to catch the water and cover the top with plastic wrap to keep in some moisture.

Step 1: Add Seeds to the Plastic Dishes

Add 1 tbsp of seeds to a plastic dish with holes in them. These are mung beans but alfalfa, radish and onion seeds can be used as well.
The smaller the seed the quicker it sprouts.
<p>Great instructable...I recently got my hands on a sprouting tray setup and this definitely helps and motivates me to try it. Those wraps look incredible!</p>
<p>great, hope you do try it...its easy and my kids actually enjoy them more because they taste fresher than bought sprouts</p>
<p>Nice deal. I typically soak the seeds overnight, they sprout in a day or two after that.</p><p>Have you ever tried sprouting different seeds together? If so, what mixes work well?</p>
<p>Yes, the seeds I bought are mixed as well, but the big ones take much longer than the fine seeds and then the small ones may mould before the large ones are good enough</p>

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