Growing Your Own Miracle Fruit - Synsepalum dulcificum

Picture of Growing Your Own Miracle Fruit - Synsepalum dulcificum
An attempt to help anyone willing to grow the exotic and highly rewarding Miracle Fruit.

Step 1: Means of Success

Picture of Means of Success
What is Miracle Fruit you ask, well Miracle Fruit is a plant that produces somewhat tasteless red berries, HOWEVER, if someone where to eat the berry, then consume a sour substance ex. Lemon, Lime, Battery Acid(not recommended) it will taste like a deliciously sweet candy with no trace of sourness. Lemon juice will turn into lemonade, vinegar into nectar, etc. The effect can last half an hour to 2 hours, and does not impede any other part of your nervous system other than your taste buds and is in no way harmful.

You might have some of these on hand, others you may have to order such as the seeds

Bag of Perlite

Bag of Sphagnum Peat Moss

Gibberrelic Acid United Nuclear Not necessary but very helpful

Miracle Fruit Seeds (Check around if you live in South Florida because some nurseries carry the whole plant, otherwise here's where you can buy seeds Miracle fruit seeds

small pot (preferably a biodegradable one, to protect roots during transplanting) an egg container will also work. You may also use a Jiffy seed starter from a nursery. Follow the directions on the package

With all planting PATIENCE is needed

Hello, how I can use Gibberrelic Acid on the substrate?

PLANTMAN167 years ago
i'm a bit new to the unusual plant hobby. i'm really interested in growing miracle fruit after i saw it in a National Geographic magazine. I recently sprouted some giant sequoia seeds, 22 sprouts but only 15 still survive, but you probably don't care. anyway, coo info about these plants. i'm going to give it a try, and who knows? i'll post another comment in a few days but as of now i gotta go. And no, Putzer, PLANTMAN is not my real name. (no negativity intended.)
Putzer (author)  PLANTMAN167 years ago
Shows what you know, I do care about your giant sequoia seeds, it might take a while for them to grow to their full height though. I would plant them close together so i can live on a platform on top of them all, just an idea. AND its pretty obvious PLANTMAN16 isn't your name, it isn't grammatically correct, it must be Plant-man.
ursus57 Putzer7 years ago
:D I really care about the Sequoias too...
n8man ursus577 years ago
Sequoia is the shortest word in the english language (or all latin based languages but I'm not sure) that has all five vowels in it.
Strengths is the longest single syllable word in the english language with only one vowel in it. hehe But that's off the topic. Awesome ible, will be checking out the seed shop. I did read about these before, never really thought of cultivating them. Documentaries don't usually give the impression the jungle fauna is for sale. Also, to Plantman... where'd you happen to come by those sequoia seeds? Just curious.
stewardesses is the longest word you can type with one hand (if you type properly).

Incorrect. Actually tesseradecades and aftercataracts are among the longest words you can type with the left hand alone, if typing correctly

stewardesses, YAY! i did it with one hand! *saying yay*
Stewardesses are hot.
Good, you agree.
unless they're old. because then they've probably been working as a stewardess their entire life and live in the airport bathroom.
All of them.
if you mean all of them as in all of them are old, then yes. I was just on a plane and they all were.
Heh heh, sucker...
but they gave me pretzels with eating instructions.
Yeah, that's weird.
they were things like open bag while thinking of our low fares. place in mouth while thinking about our low fares. etc..
Bookkeeper is one of the only (if not the only) word with 3 consecutive double letters
and no "put in mouth" jokes. :(
Sorry, that was overboard.
arrgh, throw them overboard. but then they get saved by ninjas. epic battle ensues.
With the confisticated dildos.
Yo Doulos, check out the thread now! Jump in if you think you're up for the challenge.
Heh heh, you just found out everyone was gone the day after you posted this. Funny.
You and your fancy wings picture...
It has so many s's too (:o)
indivisibility has the most i's!
Adam had 'em.... is the shortest poem, refers to ribs, you know....
'Madam I'm Adam'is palindromic. So is 'Dennis, Nell, Edna, Leon, Nedra, Anita, Rolf, Nora, Alice, Carol, Leo, Jane, Reed, Dena, Dale, Basil, Rae, Penny, Lana, Dave, Denny, Lena, Ida, Bernadette, Ben, Ray, Lila, Nina, Jo, Ira, Mara, Sara, Mario, Jan, Ina, Lily, Arne, Bette, Dan, Reba, Diane, Lynn, Ed, Eva, Dana, Lynne, Pearl, Isabel, Ada, Ned, Dee, Rena, Joel, Lora, Cecil, Aaron, Flora, Tina, Arden, Noel, and Ellen sinned.' :)
n8man mwwdesign7 years ago
rhythms is the longest word with no vowels
no it actually thzkldscprtyrp i just wrote it on the back of my dictionary therefore it s a word!
chezbay n8man7 years ago
A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y. Rhythms is one of those and sometimes Y words. So is party.
n8man chezbay7 years ago
party has an a in it and y still isn't a vowel

you also forgot W
rock it n8man7 years ago
n8man rock it7 years ago
yea W
rock it n8man7 years ago
ok W
How did people get on the topic of words? typewriter is the longest word typed with the top row of a keyboard!!!!!
Read the thread - it's obvious, right? And your trivia is an awesome one! Niiiiice! :)
the text over here is squooshed!! rhythm is the longest word without vowels (but only sometimes, it's got y)
We already had that one (;P)
aww. carp. it's my alternative to saying crap. and it's a type of fish.
and anyway, technically he said RHYTHMS which is even longer.
Haha... Are we going for a thread record here? Bring it on people. Maybe someday this thread will be referenced on another thread when it comes threads like this... Now I'm messing with the time continuum (:|)
let's mountain dew it!!! maybe we can get the text so small that it's like one letter a line.
w00t! 29 posts! wait, with mine it's 30.
Who wants to fight?
I see... No one wants to take me on. Smart.
Anybody notice that we're the only ones still posting?
hey... you're right!! where is everyone?!?
They're weak flakers; )
grr... how are we going to make this post as long as Taipei 101 with 3 people?
Wtih determination...and...um...stuff...yeah?
or with horrendously long posts that really don't have that much in them ........... like this one.
Yeah, that's how we'll do it.
Actually that justs adds length, now that I think about it.
Dude, you posted it.
Are you laying blame or giving praise?
Blame. Or credit, depending on how you look at it.
I'm getting confused. who's giving me blame for what? and are they even blaming me?
I don't know anymore. Brace yourself, just in case.
this thread is ~~too~~ awesomely long.
It's hit ludicrous speed!
it's growing amazingly fast! like a toddler on an all-carb diet!
Or like a toddler eating other toddlers
eww, that'd be a dead toddler.
Look on the bright side - it might only be one toddler left, but it would be a bigger one.
not bigger, dead.
from mad toddler disease.
I suffered from rad toddler disease in the 80s.
did you have pink pants? and a mo/fauxhawk?
Or on a diet of POWERTHIRST!!! 400 BABIES!!!
no, they would just run as fast as kenyans and race against kenyans and tie against kenyans and be deported back to KENYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
with 24hr hump-catting
is that similar to bear blasting?
I have officialy administered the blame upon thee, my good sir.
Which one of us is 'Thee'?
thee would be me.
That would be 'Thmee' then? ( :|) That was woeful, I am sorry.
sounds like someone with a speech impediment saying smee (don't know why you'd say smee though...)
Knock, knock. Who's there? Smee. Smee who? Smee at the front door.
har har har hat. tee hee, hat.
Contradicting ones self.
ooh..... pun'd!
that was meant to be pronounce "tooshay", just so you know.
for what crime, my good lord?
sounds like a band name.
Yup, it does.
Hang in there fellas!
woo hoo!
Yeah. We are strong.
what was that a response to?
Something about us hanging in there and still posting... something about 1 mile or 1.6km further up this page...
"Anybody notice that we're the only ones still posting?"
I did.
And mine is 31. Anyone got some good content to add?
Yours is 34. this is 35.
It was 31, but the order is all messed up since people don't comment in the order of the existing comments... like this one! ;)
Yeah, we're out of order.
yeah.... but who cares, I think we can start measuring the posts in feet.
Or miles for you yankees...
um, miles and feet are both customary.....
I know that! I was referring to the magnitude... and the fact that I am an Aussie, so I'm used to kilometers! I heard you have something called 'inches' too right? We might be way ahead of you being in metric (like the rest of the world), but at least we are backwards compatible (:P)
What are your thoughts on The Outback Steakhouse?
We have them here too... and they're just overpriced basic cuisine... but nonetheless, pretty tasty.
Agreed... Where do you live?
I live in Sydney, Australia. More accurately, Crows Nest, which is about 4km from the Harbour Bridge/city. Where do you live?
Bend, Oregon. Look it up on google maps.
Sweet. Good place to live?
Do you think a city in the middle of the desert with 50'000 potsmokers would be a good place to live? My answer is: HELL YEAH!!!
LOL! Must be hot right? ...and smokey?
you could probably get high from breathing. I'm the only one with a real profile picture.
No u ain't!
who else?
No one, but you aint either!
um, yeah I do. maybe you didn't notice, but my default picture has wings.
Well, unless you look like an outline and you have wings, then I dare say that you still don't have a 'real profile picture'...
but the rest of you just have the default. I actually went through all the trouble to edit and upload a picture.
You know, there should be an award for that, maybe a special pension.
yeah, like a dead cat or something. or a rocket propelled gorilla.
lol. Pretty sure it's a used RPG.
how do you make a rocket propelled gorilla? just strap a pilot light to his butt?
Then fire it up with the monk key.
Eeep eep!
what are you, a furby?
I think so.
so, how do you type with just stubbly wings?
He doesn't, he just smashes his face on the key board and hopes for the best!
So far so good.
as long as it works for you.
It does. Look at me go!
doesn't your face say poiuytrewq by now?
what does it sound like? "squeak! squeak!"
I lean forward.
on what chair?
Nice one. I gotta write that one down.
It's already written down, so not to worry.
:{D it's the pringles guy!!!
LOL!!! Love it. POP!
everything pops with pringles.
Did any of you see that Mythbusters where they exploded a can of pringles off the chips without knocking them over?
No. Was it good? I find Mythbusters to be crap in their methodology - half the time they haven't proven or disproven anything at all.
but tis fun to watch.
Yeah, so call it 'Junkbusters'.
sounds like a karate move.
and I meant to type tis.
Well, then where's your apostrophe?
' right up there.
yeah-- it was suh weet!!!
Guess it would come in handy in some situations. You have Pringles. You need the can off really fast. You need the chips to be upright. You need noise. You need to do that.
or.... you have pringles. and compressed hydrogen. and want to blow something up.
If you ever get a chance, visit. We have a pretty sick cinema; somewhere around 20 screens.
Can you watch 20 movies all at once?
I hope so.
I watched 30 movies at once one time. The plots got a bit unwieldy at times, but think of the time I saved. On an unrelated note... How old are you guys?
I'd rather not disclose that information... but i'm a teenager between the ages of 13 and 15. figure that one out!!!
I prefer metric myself (in spite of being 'Murican), easier to calculate and much more accurate.
yeah. I wish we would just get it over with an switch to metric.
Lead the charge Sgt. Codongolev!
we'll just have to ~~ inch ~~ centimeter our way there!
Lol, I like inch jokes. My friend said to me in an email that I will need to convert imperial inches into centipedes. lol.
Lost in translation... it was a LMAO type funny at the time.
..... ..... umkay.
I swear, it was.
.... .... .... umkay..
Don't you 'umkay' me like that Mister!
... ... ... ... ... .. .. ..... ... .. .. . .... umkay.
That's better now.
. .. .. . .. ... .... . .. . .. .
..... ....... ......... ........ ..... .... . .... ....... .... ..... .. . . ....
Mine was supposed to be a face, but it didn't work.
Close enough
looks kinda like a face 88 888 88 888 8888 88888 888 8888 888 8888 888
or maybe :)
~ ~ δ δ   ﭡ   ≈
Easy... 'Character Map' ;)
that one wasn't nearly as impressive.
Oh well.
you winned.
it showed up in my email as ~~ ?? ? ?
Hooray and true!
yeah, and also, we have to learn metric anyway. kilo- hecto- deca- base unit deci- centi- milli- I think I got one wrong, but whatever.
Whatever! (;P)
metric is crazy. as is this comment thread. it's getting annoying, actually, because all the comments don't come up on the page it brings me to so I have to go to the actual page and find them, but whatever.
I press Ctrl+F and do a search to find them on the page ;)
on internet explorer or FIREFOX?
I'd guess both, but definitley internet explorer.
well firefox does it better. probably.
You got that right.
I don't...Damn! You're right!
Do you guys have 'Hog's Breath Cafe' over there? Similar food and pricing to Outback Steakhouse.
You got that right!
I get it..... this was in response to a question about two skyscrapers up.
I heard you need special oxygen tanks to breathe up there - like fighter pilots.
not me: I have wings, so i'm meant to ~~ get high ~~ go up high.
How high?
all the way to the top. of the post. which is basically outer space.
Or just a little higher up the page.
no, I'm pretty sure it's outer space.
yeah, not quite up to the ceiling.
no, it's outer space. I couldn't breathe up there, even with my plastic bag space helmet.
You couldn't breath anywhere with you plastic bag space helmet.
DUH! someone got the joke!
Hooray for getting the joke!
if you breathed plastic, you could go anywhere with it!
LOL. I want to go there.
well, just scroll up.
didn't you say you need wings?
You could check this.
oh, that's right. grow wings, then scroll up.
I'm still scrolling since yesterday...
I prefer to click the scrolly button.
I connected my scrollwheel to a treadmill. I could have run home by now.
so couldn't you just jump to click the scroll wheel?
Think u better swap those wings for rockets then...
I AM a rocket.
LOL. Reminds me of Powerthirst. You guys should look up 'Powerthirst' on YouTube - vids 1 and 2 (but not 3, personally). Two of the funniest things I have seen. 'A fighter plane made of biceps!'
I did. they're okay, but brawndo is better. "brawndo is like watching a train full of screaming babies crashing into an aircraft carrier and the aircraft carrier is ON FIRE which is very exciting because fire is exciting but not as exciting as brawndo because brawndo is more exciting than a fistfight with a grizzly bear!!"
Brawndo is lame in comparison, soooo lame.
no, it's like a monster truck you can pour into your face!
Powerthirst has the better commercial, but brawndo is buyable.
and it's like riding a dinosaur strapped to a rocket ship. and also, powerthirst is crystal meth, so it's illegal.
It's crystal meth in a can.
I've seen hamburgers in a can. also bacon. those two need to get together sometime and make bacon cheeseburger in a can babies.
Ok, that's a fair call.
I did my best.
so, actually relating to the instructable, I bought this fruit in tablet form, and they haven't come yet but they're supposed to work just as well... anyone else tried them?
mwwdesign just got his prayers answered.
Does anyone else think so? LOL Tablet sounds cool... love to know whether they work or not... suppose it's something that you would have to chew though, right?
See? Some reasonable content. Not from me, but still...
Thanks! (;p)
yeah, from me. :)
It's still reasonable content (think about it; I'm not being stupid).
Quality and quantity - a double-banger!
Indeed (why do I always say that?).
Because it's always nice to do a good indeed'.
hehe. you made a funny.
It was terrible. Sorry.
yeah. puns are never really that.... get ready... get ready... punny.
So close to flagging that. (;P)
I wouldn't blame you.
Thanks, lol
it wasn't that PUNTASTIC of a pun, anyway....
Oh great, now it's a battle of the worst puns. It's all pun and games 'til someone loses an 'i'.
aw, crap, where d d leave that " "? now 'll never talk the same!
Hehehehe... You crazy punster.
yeah..... i'm pretty swell. :P
I'm guessing someone lost an "I"?
You guys crack me up!
yes, we are the, how the kids say, "bees knees".
Bzzz, bzzz.
do bees even have opposable legs?
I don't think the term 'opposable' really applies to knees... I am pretty sure it is usually in reference to thumbs, like some monkeys have opposable thumbs, like us humans. i.e. they can grasp in the opposite direction to the other digits, so that they can get a real 'kung fu grip'.
Like a Panda!
Interesting... Kung Fu Panda!
Wow. You're amazing. Like Ping.
Ping. Pong, whatever.
Go Ping Pong Pandaz!
Fk yeah! It's mine. I need to practice an instrument first tho...
I play guitar, so learn bass or drums. or learn.....singing.
Wow. I mean, just wow...
Do you mean 'wow'?
I believe he does.
in what way?
Yeah, what way?
That way.
I don't understand your reasoning.
wow-amazing said 'that way'. Usually people point when they say that.
you're telling me this why? I was directing that to wow-amazing. seeing as It was a comment on his comment.
Are you pointing? Cos I can't see...
Has this thread given birth to a chart-topping band?
I've already said twice that something would be a good band name, so we've already got our names ready.
It has begun. I'll do a logo.
it has to have "laying blame or giving praise" in it.
LOL! That can be the tagline/headline/slogan
yeah. and we need t-shirts.
Yes, we do. For groupies to buy.
hopefully we only need to make "smalls".
Amen to that. No salad dodgers.
and they all are white. and have water squirters attached. so they can get into water fights.
I know of a great site that makes custom shirts fairly cheaply. I just need to get comp. out of the shop so I can use the favorites to find it. I'm using my friends computer right now.
where is it? there's so many shirts I think should exist. like one that says my name is marc....... .... and you can count on it. (go to youtube and type "norton furniture" for reference.)
Meh, it gets repetitive after a while.
Meh, it gets repetitive after a while.
Shut up athhole!; )
C'mon buddy...
yeah, jeez.
We're all in this together. A rift in the party could sink us... or, maybe it will make the thread longer! LOL
I'll go for the latter!
Better latter, than never!
Heh heh, It's funny and irritating at teh same time when you do that.
Thanks and sorry at the same time!
Apology accepted and YOU SON AF B****! at the same time.
that's not kewl.
Sorry XD
that's fine.
We're all good :D
no, we're GREAT!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! <>< THAT'S A FISH!!!!!!!!
< That's a fish head.
<#HH#-< one of those dead bony fishes.


(.)(.) Bewbz.
( . )( . )
( o )( o )
Much better! I just wish the nipples weren't so massive.
( . )( . )
( . Y . )
Good angle on the cleavage. Exceptional work. Lucky there aren't any girls on here, typing slaps on the thread... Any takers?
I have an idea: ( . .Y. . )
What the?
Nope, didn't work.
I misread and mistyped.
uhhh... okay.....
It was funny, all good. Glad you got my six anyway, cheers!
I still can't figure out what that was a reply to.
Who cares? (;p)
and "glad you got my six?"
Means 'got my back' - 6 o'clock is behind. Watch Top Gun ;)
ah, I see.
I'm hungry. anybody got some nomnoms? AI just wanted to say nomnoms. (*< - - - - - - - - - - - - - 'tis pacman nomnoming it up.
LOL. I LOVE nomnoms! Let's market them as a snack product! What ingredients would go in them?
miracle fruit. duh.
My bad. Of course. Tsk, tsk...
and lemon juice. so it'd be like "nomnomnom oohh sour nomnomnom oohh it changed to sweet!!!!"
When it's sour, the phrase is 'nimmmnimmmnim'
C'mon buddy...
that's right!!!
well, They finally arrived, and I have to conclude that they work. and no, mwwdesign, you don't chew them, you dissolve them. but I had one at chipotle and was eating the free lemons like candy.
Haha, that's awesome. What do they taste like as you dissolve them? How long do they last for?
well, they taste like some sort of old fruit mixed with cornstarch, but they last for about an hour.
Hmmm, I see... I must find some in Australia to try out. My friend said he tried some of the fruit on the Gold Coast, in Queensland... but I'm in Sydney.
ebay hint hint.
Genius! I will look... cheers
and now I know where you live.... well, actually, I know some guy who calls himself "mwwdesign" on instructables lives in/near sydney, and that I have no way to get there anyway.
Find me and I will give you $1 ;)
hmm.... if I found you I could by a small peice of candy.....
That's one Australian dollar. You should invest it IF you find me.
is an Australian dollar more than an American dollar? or does it just look cooler?
It's worth more, sad to say.
Nope, it's not worth more, it's a bit less... last time I checked 1 AUD = approx. 0.85 USD...
It's changed to 1 AUD=~$0.95
I'm sellin' up and comin' on over!
Yeah, that's a bad idea, cuz', at the moment, our economy is f***ed to hell.
That's precisely why it would be good for me! Hang in there, it all goes in cycles.
Maybe, with luck.
With luck ; )
Ok, with 'luck guaranteed' then. Now, where did I put my luck...? Think I left it near a packet of risks... better take them!
You're (not) evil.
with ducks. ;
Why ducks?
with luck. or with lick, as I almost typed it. or with like, as I almost typed with lick.
goes the weasel, or what?
Pop goes the 'what'!
And what might what be?
I understand it. what's your problem?
That's the joke. You lose.
was that directed at me or him?
Stop it!
Lollistop it.


lollipop. :)
I am not a bee's yotch. what is a yotch? is it like a crotch?
If it is, then bees have 3 yotches.
how so? please elaborate.
longipops, then. (from homestarrunner.com)
then what? Then shortipops?
no, chocolate longipops. I don't know if that's scientifically possible, though.
lollipop, lollipop ooh lolli lollipop lollipop!
I like lollipops.
so it is just cooler.
but does it look cooler?
Your dollar is paper, ours is a nice shiny 'gold' coin... I guess this, with the exchange rate, gives yours a better power-to-weight ratio!
Value to weight.
Don't you know that 'money is power'?
So is a sledge hammer.
Doesn't have the same reach...
role playing games? jk
Rocket propelled Gorilla
raw pee grenade
'Raw' pee? Do some people cook it?
well, I've heard of "raw fury" And I don't even think you can cook fury.
LOL. I have seen chefs cook furiously though.
yeah, make that omelet. be the iron chef.
um, no thanks. I don't cook. Anything.
not even pee?
Not that I know of
oh, so like maybe in your sleep then.
I think you just crossed one too many lines.
what are these lines that you speak of?
Don't worry, they're just straightened out circles.
I see.
I'm almost certain I didnt.
just making sure.
rpg. rocket propelled grenade. role playing game. rocket propelled gorilla. raw pee grenade. random pun games.
I know that, I was refering to your nuttiness.
The long answer or the short one?
What about an intercontinental nuclear missile?
Are you offering me one?
you mean a role playing game? cuz i've got a serious harry potter ps2 game laying around if you want it.
I meant the nuclear missile. Not into role playing stuff. Thanks anyway (;P)
well, 44 now.
You will all be part of a record! Wohoo!
well, mabye...
crap, we have to beat this.
GOD D******* **** ****!!!!!!!! Indeed we do!
let's do it!!!
I think I'll have arthritis buy the end of this...
no, you'll just have really flexible fingers.
If only they could see this thread as the workout that it is... a health regime, at least!
well, at the end you will have to post pictures of your gigantic beefy fingers.
I won't have any fingers left, just bloody stubs.
well, make some bionic fingers and post pictures of that.
Hey, why don't I make an entire instructable on it!?(hm, I have yet to post even one...)
how will you make them?
With a lot of solder and wires and Stuff.
good plan.
Maybe some titanium and pirate bones too...
arrgh! clankety clank! (I think that's the sound titanium makes.)
I believe it to be 'thinkety think', being much lighter. I've been wrong before.
I think it'll sound like "CHA-THUNK!!!" when I hit that pirates let off.
thinkety thunk?
Nut ; ) It's ok, we still hate you...I think.
uhh.... okay.
It's called joking around.
i know.
This is still funny and enteraining, well done fellas ;)
yeah! we's awesome!
that's right.
Nut ; )
A'men-i'-nut.(That's "All men are nuts" in drunk religious hillbilly speak.)
I think this bit of thread was exhausted even before my comment... stop it!
Someone should tie off this loose thread!
So, do you like paintballing?
I don't go often, but it's fun. Dont have my own gear or anything, just go with bunch of friends every now and then.... How did this get onto paintballing?!
What do you drive?
A Porsche - 911 Carrera. Here's a pic
Some more shots... What about you guys? What do you drive?