Growing Your Own Miracle Fruit - Synsepalum dulcificum

Picture of Growing Your Own Miracle Fruit - Synsepalum dulcificum
An attempt to help anyone willing to grow the exotic and highly rewarding Miracle Fruit.

Step 1: Means of Success

Picture of Means of Success
What is Miracle Fruit you ask, well Miracle Fruit is a plant that produces somewhat tasteless red berries, HOWEVER, if someone where to eat the berry, then consume a sour substance ex. Lemon, Lime, Battery Acid(not recommended) it will taste like a deliciously sweet candy with no trace of sourness. Lemon juice will turn into lemonade, vinegar into nectar, etc. The effect can last half an hour to 2 hours, and does not impede any other part of your nervous system other than your taste buds and is in no way harmful.

You might have some of these on hand, others you may have to order such as the seeds

Bag of Perlite

Bag of Sphagnum Peat Moss

Gibberrelic Acid United Nuclear Not necessary but very helpful

Miracle Fruit Seeds (Check around if you live in South Florida because some nurseries carry the whole plant, otherwise here's where you can buy seeds Miracle fruit seeds

small pot (preferably a biodegradable one, to protect roots during transplanting) an egg container will also work. You may also use a Jiffy seed starter from a nursery. Follow the directions on the package

With all planting PATIENCE is needed
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Hello, how I can use Gibberrelic Acid on the substrate?

PLANTMAN167 years ago
i'm a bit new to the unusual plant hobby. i'm really interested in growing miracle fruit after i saw it in a National Geographic magazine. I recently sprouted some giant sequoia seeds, 22 sprouts but only 15 still survive, but you probably don't care. anyway, coo info about these plants. i'm going to give it a try, and who knows? i'll post another comment in a few days but as of now i gotta go. And no, Putzer, PLANTMAN is not my real name. (no negativity intended.)
Putzer (author)  PLANTMAN167 years ago
Shows what you know, I do care about your giant sequoia seeds, it might take a while for them to grow to their full height though. I would plant them close together so i can live on a platform on top of them all, just an idea. AND its pretty obvious PLANTMAN16 isn't your name, it isn't grammatically correct, it must be Plant-man.
ursus57 Putzer7 years ago
:D I really care about the Sequoias too...
n8man ursus577 years ago
Sequoia is the shortest word in the english language (or all latin based languages but I'm not sure) that has all five vowels in it.
Strengths is the longest single syllable word in the english language with only one vowel in it. hehe But that's off the topic. Awesome ible, will be checking out the seed shop. I did read about these before, never really thought of cultivating them. Documentaries don't usually give the impression the jungle fauna is for sale. Also, to Plantman... where'd you happen to come by those sequoia seeds? Just curious.
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n8man mwwdesign7 years ago
rhythms is the longest word with no vowels
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chezbay n8man7 years ago
A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y. Rhythms is one of those and sometimes Y words. So is party.
n8man chezbay7 years ago
party has an a in it and y still isn't a vowel

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rock it n8man7 years ago
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