Step 3: Husk the seeds

Picture of Husk the seeds
 Orange seeds have this annoying little husk on them. The husk keeps the seeds from soaking up with water and sprouting inside the fruit. If you peel this off, more of your seeds will germinate. They'll sprout faster too. Most of my seeds sprouted within a week (some varieties take longer, don't get discouraged if yours do) without the husk and I gave up waiting on the ones with the husk. I never found out how long it takes, but it IS a lot longer.
Qcks5 years ago
The seed coating sounds similar to the seed coatings that protect Cucumber and Tomato seeds.
In the case of both Tomato and cucumber seeds you should ferment the seed coating off of the  seed instead of manually removing it.
I'd be a little surprised if this wasn't a simliar siutation.
queuetue5 years ago
I posted this as a reply on the intro page, but I thought I'd repeat it here:

Removing the outer layers of seeds, in my experience, increases the rate of germination, but produces weaker plants in the long run.  I don't know if this is the case with citrus, I've never grown any.  With many varieties, the process the young plant goes through to generate the pressure to burst the hull strengthens it and helps it survive as it matures.