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Introduction: GrubBot 1.2 - an EasyBot Slideshow

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 Hello, Everyone!
Please allow me to show you one of the simple robots that I made long ago, when I was "Into" that type of stuff - GRUB BOT 1.2!
This little robot:

1 Has a scrub brush head for a main base

2 Runs entirely on 5 Button-Cell batteries

3 Uses a 3.0 Volt Cell phone motor

4 Cleans clockwise in a 4 1/2 Inch circle

5 Has Wiggle Eyes!


1.0 - Originally ran off of two AAA batteries, and no Wiggle Eyes.

1.1 - Discovered that the AAA's were too heavy, so I replaced them with Button-Cells.

1.2 - Added Wiggle Eyes.

This little guy can clean up Everything! Well, as long as you call "Everything" dust bunnies. However, I'm planning to produce a GRUB BOT - SUCTION EDITION, which will have rotating scrub brushes and a vacuum system - Based on my estimations, it will be able to clean anything from crumbs to broken eggs! (Honestly, this thing will be POWERFUL.) Get back to you on that then!
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    SO CUTE!!!!

    Cool. How effective is it?

    Very, at clearing dust and dirt. I haven't tested it with cleaning solution yet, but I'm sure that it would be very good at collecting gunk with that!
    Win Guy

    I like the addition of the Wiggle Eyes, looks cool.