Gruesome "Waxy" Face


Introduction: Gruesome "Waxy" Face

Now that you have figured out how to create your own dummy to scare the kids, how about giving him/her a real customized face? You can even make it using your own face (you need someone you trust to do this though).

Now that I've introduced the concept of "paper-machie" into instructables, I may as well as teach how you can use this art to make halloween props/costumes.

1. Old newspaper (both to protect and shred)
2. Flour, Water, and food coloring (to make the paste)
3. A model (face)
4. Tin foil
5. Vegetable oil (vaseline), if you plan on using your face
6. Coffee Stirrers
7. Scissors
8. Oven and timer
9. Spoon and containers

To make the needed "paste", follow this link:

Step 1: Paper-Machie the Face

First off, if you're using a person's face as your model, make sure to oil their face up very well before hand (especially hairy areas). Also don't cover their nose (if you want the mouth closed) so they can breathe. Even they need air.

1. If you're using something non-living, like I am, cover the face with tin foil and make sure to press the foil in to capture the details of the face.

2. Slather the paste on the model (if you're using a person, dip the strips of paper into the paste and apply. Make sure the paste is warm cause it gets uncomfortable after a while when it starts becoming cold).

3. Take the strips of paper and apply them to the face. Make sure to press them into the crevices to capture as much detail as possible. After you've completely covered the face, add another 2-3 layers to build a stable structure (if you're using the model, you can get away with putting only two layers on, but you need to keep the foil on the back).

4. Now if you opted to use a person, you'll have to wait for the paste to dry. But if you used the model, you can carefully peel the foil off and place it in the oven at 335 degrees (F) for 10-15 minutes.

5. Living Model: Once the paste is dried, you can carefully peel the mask off of your friend's face and trim the edges. Non-Living Model: Take the mask out of the oven and trim away the edges.

Now either you can take out some paints and paint your mask or continue on to make the "waxy" face...

Step 2: "Wax" the Face

No real wax is used, but once again we make up some of our "rubber mixture": (in case you forgot)

1. Preheat the oven to 335 degrees (F).
2. Make up a batch of yellow "rubber mixture".
3. Slather it all over the face but make sure you can see the details.
4. Cook it for 10-15 minutes. Take it out and allow to cool.
5. Add a second layer on top of the first and once again cook.
6. Add the last (unless you need more) layer and cook.
7. Add details to the face using different colored mixtures (Eyes, Mouth, Eyebrows, etc.)
8. Cook for 5 minutes.
9. Add the "gruesome" details onto the face using different colored mixtures (cuts, scratches, warts, puss, etc.)
10. Cook one last time for 5 minutes.
11. Allow to cool

There you have it. It's a face that looks to be made out of wax. You can glue it onto an already made dummy to give it more character, hang it on the wall in a dark hallway (good, if you used the "Glow Goop" mixture and have some blacklights), or instead of adding eyes to your mask you could cut them out and wear this as a Halloween costume mask. So many possiblities....



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    Gary looks a bit like Nick Cage or a I the only one that sees Nick Cage?
    Anyway I'll have to give this one a try one of my future years.

    Looks a little like Tweedledum and Tweedledee from the new Alice in Wonderland movie. Scary.

    and wouldnt it go all mouldy and horrible if it didnt have salt in it? or am i doing it rong?

    hi there - I want to make this... the paste stuff I spread onto the paper mache, do I have to cook it? or is that only to speed the drying up? can I leave the paste to air dry?

    Wow thanks for the tips! Great workshop! I'm doing one right now because we have a gig tonight and I need a new mask :D I will post my result when it's finished!

    I think you did a great job of giving at least good ideas to people like me. I've put many, many hours into the work I've done on my few masks. I'm always looking for something new, so thanks. I've got some thinking to do...

    I think that first getting a plaster paris mold first then filling it with the wax goop would give you a better result than just a paper-machai mask wouldent it?

    Where can you ger "real" latex? I always wanted to try making stuff with it.

    2 replies

    Melt a lot of condoms.

    Because you are painting the rubbery stuff over layers of paper strips, you lose a lot of detail. It ends up looking like someone's grandma on a major drunk. It would seem to be a better idea to use the inside of the paper mache mask and use some "real" latex so it's truly flexible to make a very realistic face. It wouldn't be any more difficult and the only expense would be whatever you used for the inside molding, (e.g. latex).

    2 replies

    Also it's not "rubbery" when you paint it on it's like paste, so you can adjust how thick the layers are which means you could get away with just one coat. This instructable is more or less designed for people on a budget and have only what a normal household would have for supplies.

    Actually not alot of detail was lost and this version can be done last minute by anyone with access to a kitchen.