Do you, or does someone you know, embrace the attitude of a feline who "embodies" a particular serious president? Well, why not make your own grumpy cat mask!

This was a cheap-and-quick mask I made for my friend Colin - who doesn't wear costumes, can't wear costume makeup, and whose frown is reminiscent of an internet-cat-celebrity's-sulk.

Step 1: Supplies

Here's what you'll need:

- Cheap Plastic Cat Mask (I got mine at the dollar store for $2 around Halloween - during the rest of the year, a craft store might be your best bet.)
- Pink (Acrylic/Craft) Paint (...or Red and White Paint!)
- Paint Brushes
- Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
- White or Beige (Faux) Fur Scraps
- Brown and Black Marker
- Ribbon, elastic or painted dowel - depending on how you want to wear your mask

- Optional: Acetone
I commented on an instructable once.... it was horrible
Grumpy cat is the cat version of Simon Cowell. like the instructables though!:)
Too nice! >^.^<
It looks great! <br>But it's a shame that this wasn't posted before Halloween!

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Bio: I'm an indie game developer who enjoys making costumes, comics and cupcakes. I like video and board games, halloween, and laser dolphins.
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