Picture of Guard Dog Burglar Alarm!
Turn your doorbell into a vicious guard dog alarm! Watch the video then buiild your own and protect your home and family.

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Step 2: Build the Circuit

Picture of Build the Circuit
Following the schematic, make the connections between the rectifier, diode and relay. You will need to bench test your relay to determine the input and output connections as well as the )+) and (-) connections on the rectifier.

You will end up with 4 open wires. Two coming from the relay and 2 coming from the rectifier.

NOTE: My doorbell circuit generated 18V from the transformer with 13.5 volts AC at the doorbell ringer. Your doorbell voltages may be different and the circuit may have to be designed specifically for your voltages.

Step 3: Finish the Connections

Picture of Finish the Connections
Remove the playback button on the recording module by bending back the two tabs on the back.
Solder the two connections coming from the rectifier to the playback contacts.

Pick the audio cable of your choosing (I used a mini female connector on a length of wire with bare leads) and solder the two connections to the speaker terminals on the recording module. This will allow you to directly input audio to the recording module.

Step 4: Load your Sound Effect

Picture of Load your Sound Effect
Run the sound effect of your choice and press the recording module button to record the sound to the module. I used this one and edited it a bit.

Step 5: Make the final Connections

Picture of Make the final Connections
Plug an audio cable into the cable your soldered to the recording module. This is also the output as well as the input. Connect it to the Wireless Transmitter. Connect the two wires from the relay to your two contacts on your doorbell. Connect the output of the Wireless Receiver to your stereo system. Connect a 9 V battery to the recording module and your Guard Dog Burglar Alarm is finished!

When the doorbell is pressed, the recording module will playback the sound effect and send it to your stereo system. You can adjust the audio by walking outside to see what sounds best.

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable!

Step 6: What you Need

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SteveA47 months ago

Does this make sense?

SteveA47 months ago

This is a great project. Two issues that I picked up, maybe you can help to correct this. The first issue is that the two leads from the rectifier first showed being connected to the doorbell, and then shown somewhere else as being connected to the recording device. So, which one is right? I vote the doorbell leads go to the 12V relay and not to the playback device.

Also, where does the 2.4 GHz Audio/Video transmitter connects? I would have thought at the playback connector , but does that mean these leads at T'd into the two rectifier leads?

With these two clarifications, this is a simple yet effective device.



goldenshuttle9 months ago

great idea; indeed no need even a microcontroller. However it works only if bell is pressed. one can try adding a PIR sensor which triggers the recorder if anyone comes close to door..of course home owners won't be worried about it and they can turn it off after they enter the place. great work Mr.Kipkay..please keep posting

cjs12982 years ago
My friend doesn't even own a gun, but he just puts an NRA sticker on his door.
jrigvd2 years ago
Key Kip, The schematic is ok in the instructable but wrong in your video on youtube! Cheers!
techboy4113 years ago
could this wake a PC?
sk8r4life5 years ago
few things 1. where did you get the audio receiver and transmitter and how much? 2. would a burglar really ring a door bell?
yes and no--its a check to see IF someone might be home--we dont like surprises,niether do burglurs
Kipkay (author)  sk8r4life5 years ago
Links on the Instructable for all of the parts. This is a common practice to impersonate a survey taker, sales person, etc...ring the doorbel. If no one answers maybe check the house out.
I'm sure you would know, after all, you did open that window in no time flat ;P
ElvenChild4 years ago
but a smart burglar would hear the audio repeating in a loop and think that is one weird dog!
ARJOON5 years ago
however you need to let your pc on. it will eat up too much electricity.hell yeah i know kipkay. he is just an animator, not smart at all 
Kasm279 ARJOON5 years ago
The only thing you would use the PC for is to record to the recording module. Other than that it has nothing to do with the operation.
cupnoodles25 years ago
hello! , would that circuit work like to power a relay so that i can turn a motor while the doorbell button is pressed? im trying to make a sistem to open my door as i press the doorbell button for my room thanks.
DJ Radio5 years ago
Hey kipkay, You might want to reject all of your patches, they make your orangeboard not work.
lol, and that's a bad thing? Does he really want MORE comments?
Berkin5 years ago
Ingenious! Keep up the great work!
Mr. Squishy5 years ago
That will scare a burglar away for sure.
Squid Tamer5 years ago
Neighbors who visit often will start to wonder why they've never actually seen the dog! (Could end in people looking around and under furniture when they think you're not looking, or in a call from PETA about confining animals! ;) )
mhkabir5 years ago
Step 6??
i guess that's a mistake of Kip, he is human too
Or is it a bug in instructables??
Nabil5 years ago
Hi, i have a question: If u press the doorbell a couple of times quickly, will the dog barking sound react weird?.
jimmytvf Nabil5 years ago
i don't usually ring doors this way... (if are my close family as my aunt, i ring this way, because they now that's me)
Clever!! You should get a lower pitch bark to make it scarier!
Reminds me of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Haha that is exactly what I was thinking, great movie
Robb5 years ago
This was in an episode of Weeds. Cool instructible.
JasperCat5 years ago
My neighbour has a store bought version of this its not very convincing. Makes me smile when it begins to run out of battery and sounds odd though :)
hunnynspice5 years ago
Goodhart5 years ago
Recording suggestion: incorporate the sound of the doorbell first, and THEN the dog barking. It may sound more realistic to have it sound as if the doorbell is still working (sounding as though the sound of the bell made the dog bark).
Kipkay (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
The doorbell will still ring as normal.
Goodhart Kipkay5 years ago
Ah, ok, on a quick read, I missed that, sorry
D.L.H.5 years ago
Very cool!
that would sure scare the poop out of me!
junits155 years ago
Oblivitus5 years ago
Great idea.
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