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Introduction: Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Mask

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I'm a bored college student and instead of studying for finals like any normal student I spent my free time putting together what I think is a pretty awesome Star Lord helmet. I'm a huge Guardians of the Galaxy fan and this was built in preparation for the second movie. I took a lot of design inspiration from the first movie, the comics, YouTube tutorials, and the fact that the only thing I could afford was cardboard (And you can make the argument that that was free).

Overall I spent about $10 bucks on paint, which I will definitely use again in another project so the cost was minimal.

What I needed to build:

A lot of paper - I used regular printer paper to print off my template and to cover the whole thing with for the final layer.

Cardboard - I got a lot from some packages that were sent, large flat pieces work the best for this.

Hot Glue gun with glue


Soda Bottle Caps

Paint ( Metallic silver, Black, and metallic bronze)


Plastic Straws

leds for the eyes

paint brushes and other misc. things

I made this project over the course of month while taking a full semester of classes so this wont be the most detailed build. However its crazy easy and the result is fantastic. So this instructable will definitely have something good, something bad... maybe a bit of both.

Step 1: Getting the Template and Cut Out the Cardboard

Special thanks to Dali DIY who's blog I found the template online for.

I printed off the 4 sheets and cut them out. This step was a lot of printing, cutting, sizing, and scaling. I made the entire thing slightly larger (107% if I'm not mistaken) and ended up adding a strip to the back for more width.

This is before I decided to take pictures, being a busy college student who's procrastinating studying, pictures were far away from my mind.

Step 2: Dry Fitting/ Hot Glue-ing

I dry fit the entire thing with duct tape. Looking back I would advise against this because it ended up tearing up the cardboard as it was removed. It later was no big deal as I covered it with paper, but it was annoying none the less. I then glued everything with hot glue and this held very well. The template was able to be bent nicely to the shape of my head and was secured with glue. The second picture would fit well in the next step, but it really shows off the nice look of the hot glue.

Step 3: Paper Mache

Its at this point I started taking pictures. In any amount of free time I had I tore up little strips of newspaper and did the typical 4th grade messy paper mache with good old elmers glue and water. I covered the entire project in a few good layers and eventually covered the mask with the white paper template and a few strips of printer paper to help cover some of the newspaper print.

Step 4: Little Flourishes and Stuff

This is where I added the eye pieces, the air cans, the tubes and the little oval shaped pieces on the cheeks. For the eye pieces I just used the cardboard template that I had cut out earlier and attached them in this step. For the air cans I used small cardboard tubes that I had rolled and glued. Attached to the top of these are soda bottle caps. The caps provided a great surface and look to the finished tube. These are attached with a small cardboard strip made to look like the bracket that holds them on. A smaller rolled up tube is sticking out of the back of these. The tubes are made either from drinking straws or from rolled up newspaper glued using paper mache, cut and bent over to match the lines and then attached with more hot glue and paper mache. The oval shaped pieces are then attached to the cheeks and the entire thing is is ready for paint!!

Step 5: MASKing and Painting

This step is where the entire thing really starts taking shape. I gave mine a good coat of black spray paint to cover up all of the exposed paper. Most of this black will get covered over later by the next layer.

The next layer included spraying the eyes and the back of the mask with copper colored paint. I made sure to cover all of the areas I new would need to be painted copper.

After drying, I asked off a section on the cheeks, the back of the head, as well as the space around the eyes. It got a pretty cool coat of silver which was cool enough to wear around like that. After drying I peeled away all of the masking tape to expose the final piece.

Because I had my paints out, I brushed on some black paint I used earlier over some of the silver to give it a gray look.

Step 6: Final Touches

Final touches included getting a sharpie out and adding lines on the face plate and adding "screws". I also cut out some plastic circles and colored them red with a dry erase marker. I later found some red sunglasses at a thrift store and was able to use the lenses from those.

I added a small amount of foam around the top of the head to make the fit more universally snug, overall it added a lot to the comfort but is totally optional. I was building this for fun and I think it turned out great, everybody who saw it could tell who I was going for and that's what I wanted. I could have been a little more careful about the paint and glue lines but in the end it looks great and I still ended up passing my classes.

Ill take a lot of this knowledge I got from this to future projects, but ya' know " I don't learn, its one of my issues".


Step 7:

And there you have it. A pretty cool mask that cost about $10 bucks and almost all of that was paint. I had a lot of fun building this and one again I'd like to shout out Dali DIY for the template.



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