Picture of Guerrilla battery holder for your breadboard / Arduino projects
I am experimenting with the DS1307 and the Arduino, I had to find a way to connect a CR1212 battery.
I rummaged into my connectors box, and found nothing that could help. Then, eurêka! I had an illumination...

Step 1: You will need...

Picture of You will need...
- one CR1212 3V battery
- two rows of a double row .100" regular "snap-off" headers

kiranjose4 years ago
great idea..i did it with a cr2032 and two single row headers :-)
iectyx3c4 years ago
This is a great tip.

Thanks pcairic.

I'm gonna mod it for my Galaxie 500 battery box ;-)
pcairic (author) 5 years ago
 Thanks guys!
nadav5 years ago
 great instructable, rated 5 stars
me5 years ago
that is great, incredibly simple but very effective, thank you for this solution