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Airsoft is a fun sport and this instructable will give you tips on playing this sport.

This is a picture of my FAMAS F1 Airsoft Gun

FPS: 450 fps
Mag. cap.: 350 bbs
Weight: 7 lbs.
Length: 24 in.

Step 1: Getting Started

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First you will need to put together a group of friends and find a playing field. If there is already a group of people near you who have already started their airsoft team you can skip this part. You will also need to buy gear. A good way to start out is borrowing a gun. If you cant borrow a gun then just buy a cheap gun so you can lern the basics spring pistol will do. You can buy one of these pistols at your local super market.

Step 2: Getting Your Gear

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Your gear will be specifically for what role you think you are most talented at when playing airsoft. Snipers- You should get a good sniper rifle with a sidearm. Depending on the weight of your rifle you may want a bipod to increase accuracy. Scopes are expensve, so if you buy one you will need to take care of it, and if you cannot afford a scope learn to use the iron-sights. You also want camouflage according to the environment you are playing in,
Soldiers- You would want an automatic rifle or a shotgun, with many clips, and a sling. Camouflage is import if you are defending an open area.
Scouts- You are almost always on the run far away from your team alone picking of enemies. You will want a lightweight gun, maybe a gas gun, with lots of ammo so if the enemy controls the area you left your ammo in you wont be stuck without bullets. Lightwieght camo is important so you wont need to rest very often as you run.
Guards- get a good gun you can help guard the team with, some camo, and a lot of ammo because you will probably be fighting almost the whole game.

If you buy your gear on the internet make sure it is a reliable place to buy gear and that it uses protection from hackers and spam.

The picture shows what a sniper's gear could look like if you are playing in a field. some snipers play in urban, desert, or woodland areas so camo can vary. Ghillie suits are useful with any role except for scouts, because running in them is difficult unless you get a lighter suit.

Step 3: Adjusting Your Gun's Hop-Up

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Hop-Up is a very important factor with most airsoft guns, especially with sniper rifles. Most pistols don't need hop up adjustment but almost every rifle does. It doesn't matter if you have a powerful gun if the gun if it doesn't have good and high accuracy and precision. Even a person who is a very skilled marksman won't be able to use a low accuracy rifle effectively. So adjust your hop-up system almost evry time your gun is in use.

Step 4: Practice

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If you are on a team, you should play your role on the team as well as you can, because if just one perso on a team does not cooperate then it could ruin everybody's fun. On a team you need a good leader who knows a lot about tactics. And more importantly, a good team tht listens and can work together. So you will want to practice your role so you can play it out in a game. Playing in small two on two or four on four wars is a good way to get used to your role, and target practice on a paper target is also helpful. Target shooting is a great way to set your gun's hop-up ,and scopes. Snipers and scouts should practice stealth, and soldiers and guards should practice tactics.

Step 5: Tactics

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Tactics are extremely important in any airsoft game. they are the difference between victory and defeat. They also vary from different game types. In capture the flag a popular tactic is to split into defensive and offensive squads. the base around a teams flag is usually protected by a few soldiers guards and snipers when the tactic is employed. Scouts will sneak behind enemy defenses, and wait for the guards, soldiers, and snipers that are not defending but are attacking to start firing so the enemy is not focused on their rear flank and will send their team to the shootout. Then the other team's scouts will steal the flag, before the enemy team steals that teams flag.

In deathmatches, you usually split up in two squads and atack the enemy from both sides.

In Multi team battles you can stalk the two enemy teas while they are fighting and attack at th right moment.

Step 6: What to Bring to Battle

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You should bring only what you need to battle. And this list will show you what you should bring. (depending on your role)

3. An extra clip or 500 bbs.
4. A sidearm.
5. Camo (According to your playing field)
6. A flashlight (Only if you are playing in the dark or at night)
7. Bottled water (Only if you are playing for a long time.
8. Something to carry everything in

Step 7: Ground Rules

Picture of Ground Rules

1. Never take your glasses of in battle.
2. No pointing guns at people if you arent in battle.
3. Do not shoot people who aent involved in your war
4. Take hits
5. Do not shoot people who are out
6. Take prisoners, if you are within five feet of them unless you are in a cqb situation.


bounty1012 (author)2010-01-12

Where did you get your famas from?

deadpooltacos (author)bounty10122014-05-21

at a local airsoft dealer, if don't have one then go on google, but it 'll be harder to find a decent one.

SO4Jesus (author)2013-03-30

Where'd you get that FAMAS? I'm lookin for one.

deadpooltacos (author)SO4Jesus2014-05-20

they have one at, if over 100 dollars is too pricey for you than your out of luck(but keep In mind you get a bipod, cleaning kit, etc), but it's not on their website, you have to go to their store in richmond, texas or call to see If they have it

SO4Jesus (author)deadpooltacos2014-05-21

Can't say I'll go to Texas just for one.

deadpooltacos (author)SO4Jesus2014-05-21

you don't have to, their phone number's on their website , just call to see if they have one and order it, as I said before it's over 100$ but it's worth it with the stuff it comes with.

deadpooltacos (author)2014-05-20

hey does anyone think that 130$ for a well MB13D and a 125$ glock too much? even if it comes with extra attachments and made of durable materials?

ShadowDash101 (author)2012-07-21

I have that FA-MAS also

Colonel88 (author)2009-11-04

Don't buy a supermarket gun because I saw one of them in a .99 cents store, bought it, and it broke ASAP. A good place is some Wal-Mart's, and of course flea markets.

Yeah, do NOT get walmarts. Online is ussauly they best place to get then unless you have a AIRSOFT dealer near you.

Cartuner55 (author)Colonel882009-11-17

dont get walmarts. They arent as good quality and most are clear. Try (US only)

joshfedo (author)Cartuner552010-05-21

i would go with or

pokerstud001 (author)joshfedo2010-09-27

Yeah, l love evike. Awesome quality spring pistols are super cheap, along with good rifles too. Got 95 bucks? Then you have a desert eagle spring pistol, spring rifle, and 10k .20g bb's :D

smallman98 (author)pokerstud0012012-01-15

Evike is an awesome website and they have an even better store.

joshfedo (author)pokerstud0012010-10-09

yah and for 95 you can even get a kinda crapy aeg but hey its a aeg

pokerstud001 (author)joshfedo2010-10-10

No, you can get a fairly decent AEG for that amount of money. Just have to choose the right one.

all of wal-marts guns suck why would you buy them there

Ajent00757 (author)Colonel882011-04-30

yea i bought a gun from walmart and its a beast i pown

bighead5454 (author)2009-11-29

dude where did u get the FAMAS? and for how much they're awesome. and also shuld i get a 450fps sniper or two 290fps uzi that shoot 300 rds per min and hold 150 rds in each mag?

Ajent00757 (author)bighead54542011-04-30

u prob already decided but i recomend the uzi then u can have a nice auto sidarm/cqc gun and then save up for a better gun.

L_Dawg (author)2010-07-03

It's called a magazine, not a "clip".

EpicZombie (author)L_Dawg2010-12-23

I know right? Only those little kids who like to play with nerf guns use "clip" instead of magazine.

JamesTB13 (author)L_Dawg2010-08-16

Technically, you're right. But clip is like a slang term, except it's used a lot more than magazine,....I just say Mag.......or clip.

joshfedo (author)JamesTB132010-10-09
clips are way diffrent

JamesTB13 (author)joshfedo2010-10-11

....thanks for commenting 2 months after the fact, though, big help..
and noone cares, honestly, everyone knows what you mean, whether you say magazine or mag or clip, or my bullet holder thingy. it's just different terms for (essentially) the same thing. like calling a tissue Kleenex, it's not a Kleenex, it's a tissue, Kleenex is a brand of tissue.

L_Dawg (author)JamesTB132010-10-22

Calling a magazine a clip is nothing like calling a tissue a Kleenex, it's more like calling a cat, a dog. Or maybe more like calling a koala, a koala bear. Koalas aren't bears. Therefore, clips are not mags.

JamesTB13 (author)L_Dawg2010-10-23

A cat and dog are nothing alike. A koala IS CALLED a koala bear. And could you please, then, explain these apparent differences between a 'clip' and a 'mag' and a 'magazine'. Explain the differences using factual, citable sources, I dare you.

L_Dawg (author)JamesTB132010-11-12

But a koala is not a bear you see.

And you want proof? (left is a clip, right is a magazine)

Proof enough yet? Just searching "clip magazine" on Google brought up those results.

JamesTB13 (author)L_Dawg2010-11-12

OH MY, so, a clip is inserted into a magazine? And then the magazine feeds the rifle? Oh my god! The differences!

You see, the thing is, I don't use the term clip. I say mag, usually. Can we please stop this argument? Only the most anal-retentive people really care, everyone knows what you mean no matter what you call it.

Oh, by the way, nice job actually rising to my, umm, I guess, even though it took you like 20 days.

you mad?

_-MacGyver-_ (author)2010-11-01

Hey Look its a Famas!

L_Dawg (author)2010-07-03

I wouldn't recommend using a ghillie suit unless you plan to stay stationary forever. Moving bushes are easy to spot. I wouldn't recommend starting out as a sniper either.

yobwoc (author)2010-05-11

Scopes CAN be expensive. But at, they have a deal where they will fit your gun with a legit scope with a 3-9 adjustable zoom, a 32mm front lense, and steel rings for it. If you find a bolt action sniper rifle with out this deal then the gun itself is probably not worth buying.

Robot Lover (author)2010-01-04

great ible 5* you should check out mine here

Robot Lover (author)2010-01-04

i got a famas at walmart for 30 bucks but its plastic and is more like a low power sniper rifle without a bipod. it also breaks easily.

Indeedly (author)2009-08-13

is the FAM-AS F1 a electric gun , and is it any good because I saw a web site with this gun and I was thinking of getting one I'M DESPERATE

happybirthday (author)Indeedly2009-11-03

Yea...It's electric...

pooplord (author)2009-10-26

you are on of the few people who dont suck at airsoft on this website, there could have been a little more detail, but besides that good work

jakee117 (author)2009-07-30

sounds hypocritical, since I collaborated on an airsoft instructable...but there are too many guides, many from new players who are not knowledgeable....

ManBearPigThing (author)jakee1172009-08-03

I am not exactly a new player I have been playing airsoft for around four years...

jakee117 (author)ManBearPigThing2009-08-06

im just saying, its good, and im not saying you're a new player, but put a little more effort into it please

lemonie (author)2009-07-27

An Instructable is something you have made or done, and should have your pictures in it. There's good information in here, but it isn't showing anything you did or made - it's theory.


bighead5454 (author)lemonie2009-08-02

well it is pretty hard to carry a camera into a battle and take steady pictures without getting shot

lemonie (author)bighead54542009-08-02

I'm sure you could get people to pose for photos before you start. L

ManBearPigThing (author)lemonie2009-08-03

That is a good idea I will try that next time and maybe edit this instructable.

lemonie (author)ManBearPigThing2009-08-03

I'm sure you play with people who'd be happy to give you the shots you need (while showing off their stuff), maybe a few playing dead too? L

oniman7 (author)lemonie2009-08-04

Being a publisher of a few tactic guides, and a guide on playing airsoft the "green" way, I have to disagree some of the time. Now, I would understand if somebody copy/pasted a recipe for chocolate pudding, but tactics are very subjective. I think 99% of the skill in guides such as this is in writing a complete, informative, well written article. Pictures can be used to demonstrate points-- firing positions or how to correctly sight a gun-- but for that, don't really have to be yours as long as you give credit. Just my two cents.

lemonie (author)oniman72009-08-04

Being familiar with this site, an Instructable is something you have made or done. People do like writing guides and essays sometimes, but they generally don't fit as "makes", and belong somewhere else.


oniman7 (author)lemonie2009-08-05

Where else would you put them? And even if that's not what the site's made for, would you disagree that the site has evolved to also include guides, given the large number of them across the site?

lemonie (author)oniman72009-08-05

Good question, maybe the site could do with a different format, but I think it's intent uopn sticking to what it's about. It hasn't so much evolved into including guides, as it's just that people keep posting them. L

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