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I will show you some tips and tricks about airsoft in CQB or outside.

Step 1: Pick An Airdoft Gun

Picture of Pick An Airdoft Gun
First you need to pick some airsoft guns. I would pick a sniper rifle, a pistol, a cqb, and some extra mags.

Step 2 has a picture of a Marine with an M16. Not exactly a submachine gun.

Step 3 is a Soldier with a M249 SAW, a belt fed machine gun. Not even close to a sniper rifle.

to thematthatter: Step 2: isn't an M-16.

Yes it is. That is an M16A4 rifle with Picitinny rail and fore grip.

to thematthatter: Step 2: isn't an M-16.

AIRDOFT 4 lyf!!!!!
Bowen2002 (author) 1 year ago
Whatever. I dont mean to be exact