Guide to Fresh Water Fishing





Introduction: Guide to Fresh Water Fishing

When I was a beginner fisher I did not know what I was doing. I searched and searched for guides that would show me what baits to get. This guide will show you what lures, baits, and rods a beginner needs. If I get 20 favorites I will make an ible about how to make an effective popper fishing lure. I see I just got 24 likes which means I will be making a how to popper lure. (9/11/14)Thanks everyone!

Step 1: Crank Baits

Crank baits are alway an effective way to catch bass! The crank baits in this picture are a sunfish and a bright colored baitfish. I highly recommend keeping a few of these in your tackle box.

Step 2: Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are a very attractive bait used for dirty water conditions. These can be used at any time of day and will always catch you nice sized bass. The one shown in the picture is a booyah pond magic spinnerbait.

Step 3: Plastic Baits

Plastic baits are a versatile bait that you can either Texas rig or wacky rig. For a beginner Texas rig is the easiest way to fish a plastic bait because it is weadless so no more getting stuck in the trees at on a Log. This allows you to cast in places other baits will not allow you to.

Step 4: Top Water Baits

Top water baits are only effective at dawn. This makes fishing so much more fun to see the bass jump out of the water. The two baits shown are a popper bait and a jitter bug.


Thank you so much for reading and please vote if you think this was a good instructable. If I get 500 votes I will make a how to make a fishing lure that is effective. Every vote counts. Thanks so much. Let me know in the comments if this is entered in a contest. Thanks. Always enjoy reading your opinions too



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It is really a Largemouth

hands down, best bait for big bass is baby bass.

Great instructable but, I have caught many bass on topwater at 2:30 in the afternoon

15, 3:50 PM.jpg

Thanks so much!

Very informative. I voted for you!!!

Thanks for the tip. I really appreciate your votes guys!

Its Ok for bass bates.

Could have used something that is just you, your own personal touch.

I will vote Joe

That's the problem I couldn't see it appear in the entrees. I see it now thank you. I really appreciate you voting every vote counts.

Does it say you can vote? I am having trouble with entering a contest????

The vote button has appeared, I caught a florid large mouth bass about the same size and I could fit my fist in its mouth!

What troubles are you having with the contest?

Most likely the moderators haven't approve it yet, wait a day or two and then you should see it there!