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In this instructable i am going to show you all of the basic fresh water fishing tackle and tools that you will need to fish for bass,pike,crappie,and other fresh water game fish found threw ought the hole united states

Step 1: Tackle Box

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our Tackle Box is one of your most important tools with out it you would have nowhere to put all of your tackle in. Tackle Boxes range from about 5-100 dollars for fresh water don't buy anything special if you are new to the art and sport of fishing. Start with a walmart special Tackle box for about 15 dollars, like my flambeau I have had this thing for 3 years and it has never failed me yet.
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gregjk1234 months ago
anyone looking for a decent rod and reel can buy a 6 foot or 6 foot 6 medium or medium heavy at Gander Mountain or bass pro. the measurement is for length and the medium, medium heavy is the strength or flex of the rod. These are for generally any fishing but definitely for anything bass and above unless your fishing for monsters. If your pan fishing any cheap 1500 ultra light(super flexible) will work. You do not have to buy a name brand they each make their own rod and reel I would suggest purchasing the rod from either store I own a few and they are decent usually will run you about 30 to 40 bucks. Very nice affordable real is the new Shimano Sonora 2500 I think it replaced the Sedona and you can get it for about $60 on amazon. If you don't want to spend a hundred bucks get a Bass Pro or Gander Mountain bundle rod and reel for about 40 or 50 Bucks the 2500 series is the general size for catching anything from bass the northern. I picked up an extra Gander Mountain rod and reel set just to have an extra one for Canada and it worked great had it for 2 years now and both rod and reel are good. I fish a lot so they have been tested. That being said after buying enough rods and reels whether expensive or not you will always get a turd and have to return it because the bearings went out or something. This is just because it was assembled on a Friday at 4:55 and it was quitting time. Otherwise you should get a good two or three seasons out of the less expensive ones if you fish year round. Keep in mind the more large fish you land the more stress on the rod and reel. I had a (won't mention the name of the reel) that was fairly pricey fall apart after landing a 40 inch fat northern but that happens. If you want to invest in a nice rod and reel Shimano anything is good as well as Pflueger for the Reel. and the Bionic blade or ugly stick are a good Rod. There are even more expensive brands so spend what you want. Just speaking from experience after a lot of fishing. The real bank account killers are the lures you got to get pretty specific if you want to do well. color, size, and Depth are few important factors depending on what you want to catch and where you are fishing. Have to keep in mind whether you want floaters, a lot of action in the lure, I could write about 100 pages of what you need for this and that. If you want to catch the big ones you got to buy the good lures. If you have any local fishing shows or expos that come around you can find some bargain bins and grab A ton of good lures for a quarter of the price. Get there on the first day of the show if you want the best selection. One little secret, just about perch anything is a safe bet for some of the bigger game fish like bass and northern and walleye. I.E. the lure will be called like a perch 13. That is the color and size. Or a yellow perch or perch flat wrap from rapala. Again I could go on for days. You will notice as you fish on that generally the same stupid colored lures are always left in the bins or on the store shelves and very specific ones are always out of stock. This is because Fish enthusiasts no what the different fish want and what is hot. Sometimes the fish either eat anything or are so damn picky from day to day it is nuts. One lure might be the ticket in the morning when it is cool and overcast weather and then get you nothing when it is sunny and hot. It is a tricky but wonderful sport and you will catch on pretty quick. My Father showed me all the little tricks and we crush em. Good luck and good fishing. Sorry for the poor typing. Have to use a voice text system. Anything confusing here email me and I will try and help. gregjk123@yahoo.com.
An Villain5 years ago
ugly stik=good choice, cheap penn=awful. i would suggest for a person on a budget get a shimano sienna or solstace. i bet that reel has no instant anti-reverse (slower hooksets or lost fish) a shoddy drag and bail trip system (hard to use, not durable) and problably a lot of polymer parts (extremely low durabilty.)
I love the Shakespeare Ugly Stik.
fisherman96 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
penn arnt that expensive i got a penn spinning reel for like 70 bucks brand new
70$ spinning reel? the shimano sienna costs 30$ along with the spirex and the shimano solstace costs 40$ along with the sonora the sedona (my grandfathers reel of choice) costs 50$. i own a solstace and a sedona, they are in my opinion, the best deal on spinning reels in the world.
I have a GREAT pole and it has LED's all over it
unless it is designed to not have a reel on it, then it is a fishing rod, fishing poles have line holders on them or just have line tied onto the end (tenakara.) what rod is it?
Roddy hunter

cool, great at night.
freeza363 years ago
Use a Shimano 4000 with a Shakespeare Ugly Stik. Its great.
druski3 years ago
Check out this line tension/spooling tool.


Very handy to help spool your line by yourself
barguellez3 years ago
I use a 7-foot All-Star with a shimano citica that I got for around $20 from a buddy
i got a deal like that more lures older for 5 $ with a new fillet knife at a garage sale
daltondude6 years ago
u need to get a heddon sonic the kind they dont make any more they work great for bass, buy on on ebay, thier one of my favorite lures
fisherman96 (author)  daltondude5 years ago
heddons are great u havent fished till u have ussed the heddon torpido
i have a torpedo but its on the wall with my collection of mint conditions
voemaster5 years ago
what bait do you especially like one that really works?
fisherman96 (author)  voemaster5 years ago
what do u want to catch

crappie and largemouth
fisherman96 (author)  voemaster5 years ago
rapala fat rap is one of my favorites for bass of all sizes
An Villain5 years ago
the rebel crickhopper popper is better.
fisherman96 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
there ok
the crickhopper popper is more than ok, have you ever used one?
An Villain5 years ago
where did you get that tacke box? the tackle box by itself would be worth the 20$ in itself, let alone with all that tackle. and do i see a RAT-L-TRAP in there?
fisherman96 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
down at the pawn shop
awesome deal.
An Villain5 years ago
ROOSTER TAIL FTW! and then there is that cotton cordell silver shad which is good too.
fisherman96 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
what do u have against rooster tails
i love rooster tails, FTW means For The Win.
voemaster6 years ago
what did you catch that carp with? i want to catch one.
fisherman96 (author)  voemaster5 years ago
try a whole slice of bread with a hooh threw it works every time
i normally wind up catchin them when sand bass fishing with Rooster Tails...why do you want to catch a carp?
well if you hook up with a big one (about 30+ lbs.) then it is lots of fun reeling them in. especially if you only have 10lb. line.
ii see...ive never caught one over 3-4 lbs. where i fish, but i have seen some pretty big ones that are fed, or that are in places where your not allowed to fish
i know exacly what you mean. there is a pond close to my place that you cant fish in but i have seen carp longer than my wingspan.
fisherman96 (author)  Ben.land1015 years ago
try fishing an golf courses and retention ponds they typically are stocked with carp to maintain aquatic vegetation
Try sweet corn or dough bait.
An Villain5 years ago
if you want quality at a good price, use plano tackle boxes and bags.
fisherman96 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
all i use any more for a tackle box is flambeau they are supper cheap and the best of quality
what fish is that.
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