Guide To Installing Zagg iPad Screen Protector

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Your iPad is an amazing piece of hardware with one giant glass screen. The last thing anybody wants is to get a scratch or worse on their iPad's screen! We are very big on making sure our iPads are protected and remain in as pristine condition as is possible. That's why we always use the Zagg invisibleSHIELD for many of our devices. It's got a lot going for it, is optically clear (so you don't even know it's there), super resilient, and protects the iPad better than any other screen protector we've ever tested. We also use these babies on our iPhones and iPods too. That's why we recommend it as our #1 iPad accessory of choice on our iPad Cases and Accessories Review Blog.

If you want more information on why this is the ultimate iPad screen protector in our opinion, you can read our review of the Zagg InvisibleSHIELD iPad Screen Protector.

Now, the one complaint we often hear about the Zagg invisibleSHIELD is how stinking hard it is to install. Especially when you are dealing with a device as big as the iPad, it can be a challenge. Many have become frustrated and given up and as a result have lost out on some of the best protection they could have for their iPads. Hopefully this instructables will help those of you who have been a bit frustrated before!

Your first step in installing your Zagg shield is to set aside about 1 hour of time to do this. It's not something you want to rush. Make sure you have plenty of patience for this project and you will be rewarded! Also, the screen protector comes shipped in a rolled up tube (for whatever reason...) which makes it curl up, so we like to leave it under some books for a day to help flatten it out which makes applying and removing it from the paper backing so much easier.

Once you have done this, set up your work space. You want to be in a dust and lint free environment. We suggest doing it in your bathroom after you have taken a hot shower to remove any oils from your hands.The steam from the shower will remove any dust or lint in the air, making it the perfect place to install your iPad screen protector. This is an old photographers trick. Turn off your iPad well before you start as well. You don't want the moisture causing any damage to the inner workings.

Now you are ready to start.
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meljaye1 year ago
Whilst I appreciate your clear instructions, my attempt was an absolute failure! My iPad now looks like a complete mess! I'll leave it overnight and see if the microscopic bubbles start to work their way out or not.
A major issue was the very small pack of solution supplied (a flat pack, not like the small bottle used in the demo photos) - once I'd run out, I was stuffed. My scraper caught the plastic cover near the centre and slightly stretched it so that it looks like a scratch! The screen now looks murky and blotchy. I think I have blown AU$29.99...better to forget about trying to protect the screen and just hope for the best.
I don't know what the solution seems to me that this is just a very difficult item to install. If you get it right, you'll be really happy. If you stuff it up, then you've blown your money.
Thanks for trying to help.
sanssoleil2 years ago
Thanks for sharing very useful information about installing screen protector!
feelys883 years ago
Thanks for sharing, I think not only for the protection of ipad screensavers to need, and there is a ipad case (iPad leather case) is also very important, do you think?
I have the Zagg for the iphone and I love it. Probably the best accessory I got for it. Once I got past the anxiety of having to spray the screen with the solution, it was actually really easy.
Great instructable.