Step 7: Removing the Battery

1. Remove a screw on the iPhone, (look at photo for reference).
2. Gently pry this up from the side opposite to the battery and make sure to keep the small black piece that comes out with it, organize these in your notebook below.
3. The battery takes a lot of force! be careful this pull the tab that says authorized service provider only. This should help you out but it still takes a bit of time to loosen it from its adhesive. Do not use a screw driver to take this out, it may short the battery, a simple guitar pick will do the trick.

(Find iPhone parts here: South Mountain Repairs)

Worked perfect thanks to your instructions! But...there are 2 tiny rubber pieces I found on my paper after assembly I have NO idea what they fell off of or if they are critical to the phone. Any ideas?
<p>hey can i use touch screen of any other phone on my device </p><p>will it work?? </p>
<p>52inch smart TV display will plug right in.</p><p>No you cannot use touch screen of any other phone -- unless the other phone is a iphone 4</p>
I recently dropped my ipod touch 4th gen and the ipod got a crack on the front panel.My ipod is working fine.There is screen response even in the cracked areas. I want to know that do I hv to replace the whole lcd assembly
<p>that's a really good instruction, i completed the screen replacement with a screen from flashechllc store.</p>
<p>Glad to hear it, thanks for the kind words!</p>
Ok so i was wondering i got the front piece for my phone nut the back ribbion broke so i was wondering do u need both of the ribbions for your iphone screen to work?
<p>Yes, one of the ribbons is for the LCD, the other is for the digitizer. You might need to purchase a new part again.</p>
<p>ok.. Quick question before I embark on this task. I have purchased all of the necessary tools and parts for the screen replacement, but am wondering now if the screen needs replacing or if there is a loose cable inside. I dropped it a few times, but there is no cracking, just a strip of black/blue along the side of the screen. Does anybody know? Thanks.</p>
<p>Hi, </p><p>You have a LCD damaged. In this tutorial he is replacing the external glass only. You can follow these steps tutorial and replace the LCD screen as well.</p><p>Hope its helps,</p>
<p>I'm enrolled in a learn at home iDevice Repair course ( <a href="http://www.ciebookstore.com/iphone-repair-course" rel="nofollow">http://www.ciebookstore.com/iphone-repair-course</a> ) and this was a great review of the iPhone screen replacement section and how to apply it in the real world! Thanks Lucas.</p>
Someone tell me &quot;which iphone's touch and display replace together???<br>Plz help me!!<br>www.facebook.com/rajeev.khanna.rk
Someone tell me &quot;which iphone's touch and display replace together???<br>Plz help me!!<br>www.facebook.com/rajeev.khanna.rk
<p>Great instructable, I used it to disassemble an IPhone 4, and as a basic guideline for disassembling an IPhone 4s. Unfortunately I was hoping the screen on the 4s was the same as the screen on the 4. Not so, the connectors for the A screws are in different places. Ah Well, now I am using the 'ible as a guide on how to put them both back together. :)</p>
I wish I would have seen your site sooner. I can't remember were some parts go. If I send you a picture could you help. Also I am missing some screws. Do you know were to get more. Any help would be appreciated. Icem987
<p>what a job. But now done. Thanks for the good instructions!!</p>
<p>Hi, thanks for the instructions, they are perfect. I have a slight problem though, ive now got a white screen. I have tried re-booting etc and checked all the wires are present and correct but its still no good, can you help please ?</p><p>Thanks in advance</p><p>Mark</p>
<p>Hi there, I have followed your excellent instructions and obviously done the same in reverse once digitizer was replaced, yet now all I have is a white screen.</p><p>I have re-opened the phone and checked connections etc but its still white, ive tried re-booting etc but still white.</p><p>Have you any idea what I may have done other than f@c#ed up my Phone ?</p><p>Thanks</p><p>Mark</p>
<p>I am looking to replace the screen on my phone so I can pass it down to my daughter to use as an ipod. Can you help me with selecting a quality product? I am looking at this one:</p><p><a href="http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00J22DQKS/ref=ox_sc_act_title_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3ARXWQR2PU0L4" rel="nofollow">http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00J22DQKS/ref=ox...</a><br><br>THANKS!</p>
<p>What should i do if i stripped a screw</p>
Thank you very much for your help!!! I've just changed my screen, it took me about 3 hours, but notice that I'm a girl, and my native language is not english! Even though , your post helped me a lot with my schematic and I watched some video tutorials during the repairings ! I waited almost a month till my replacement parts and tools arrived and I was anxious to do it myself, cuz here in Bulgaria, othorized repair shops want tripple the coast I bought the items ! For the hour my Iphone 4 works again it is doing fine, but I'm a bit worried for my Wi-Fi signal, becaouse it's a bit low. So I was wondering if I did something wrong when I repaired it?
<p>I'm a woman and I did not struggle with this repair so I think we can factor out gender as causative.</p>
<p>Where I would find the original Apple screen ? Or we have to use the compatible one ?</p>
<p>any one need touch screen please contact me ,from CUBE electronics in China</p>
In 4th grade I took my iPhone 4 apart in class because I had just got the 4s
<p>not smart</p>
it is useful. Thanks a lot!
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Flawless repair thanks to your guide. I can't say how useful all the steps made this complex repair a success. I now have given my iPhone 4 a new life.
I have a huge problem, my phone has no service when I turn it on. the instructions were great on changing the screen. I double checked each step to make sure I put the phone back to together correctly. Now I have a phone with no service! :( <br> <br>please help~~
Hopefully you've resolved this already, but I'm going to post this in case someone else has the same issue later. The problem was likely that the antenna was not connected. Without an antenna connected, everything else would work but you would have &quot;no service&quot;. <br>Most likely, the little RF connector that goes from the black plastic speaker/microphone module to the mother board was not seated properly. In the pictures for Step 12, you can see this next to the battery connector. The cable looks like a round wire attached to the speaker/microphone housing, and the connector is the silver 'frying pan' shape on the end. This has to be lined up properly on the motherboard and then pushed down firmly. Ideally, you'd feel a little 'pop' as it seats. <br>To check this, just repeat the first steps to take off the back cover and the battery connector, then try flicking the antenna connector with your fingernail- if it moves, it's not connected.
hey, sorry this happened, Ive had this problem before, what i did was i took the sim card out and put it back in, if this doesnt work try rebooting the phone by holding the home and the power button for like 15 seconds. if that does not work make sure all your ribbon cables are in place correctly, if that doesnt work take it apart until you reach the mother board and put it back together, you may have missed something. If you end up not having any success try calling your provider, i would leave out the details about fixing your own screen :) hope this helps keep me posted!
Nice job documenting this process. I just replaced a screen for a co-worker and this was a big help. <br> <br>One tip- you can simplify the process in Step 14: For the &quot;A&quot; screws, loosen them but don't remove them. This way, you don't have to fumble with the screws and washers when you re-assemble. When you put it back together, just stand the frame on its side and tap gently to settle the washers against the screw heads, then slide the ears of the new screen into place (you can use an X-acto blade tip to move the washer if the gravity method isn't working). Holding it together, turn it over and snug the screws just enough to hold, then repeat for the other side. Once both sides are seated with the ears on the correct side of the washers, place the phone face-down and firmly press the frame down to eliminate any gaps between the frame and the face-glass, then tighten the screws and install the four &quot;B&quot; screws. <br> <br>You may have to fumble around a little with getting the screen ears between the washer and the frame, but it's still far easier than getting the screws and washers back into the holes. <br> <br>-Mike
Great instructible, thank you very much... Have replaced mine and four of my friends' screens with it. Thank you.
Love this Ible!! It's helped me over and over again!! Myself and my friends thank you. :)
Thank you so much for this tutorial! Yes it took way longer than I thought but I couldn't have changed my white cracked screen to a pretty uncracked red one. You are a champion and I cant tell you how many tears and swearing fits you have saved me and my family too. MWAH!
Lol. Yeah, I just agreed to do this for a friend thinking it was along the same lines as the 3gs!!!! Oops!!!! <br>Will let you know how I get on! <br>
Thanks the Guide, I think my iphone 4 can't be used. I have got a screen replacement from a online store: http://www.zeromartz.com/iphone-44s-repair-part-c-63_62_79.html . step by step the guide, My iphone 4 work well. thank u!!!
I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to write this very detailed instructable! It was truly invaluable. Did mine tonight, no problems at all!
You have helped me decide this isn't something I want to do for a 'friend of a friend'. Thanks.
Does anyone have any recommendations for replacement assemblies on amazon? Any sellers/companies to stay away from?
You can easily magnetise a screwdriver if you need. <br>Simply swipe a magnet along the rod in one direction and with one pole of the magnet.
This by far was THE most helpful part of the instructable. I used pieces of clear tape to tape the screws to schematic to keep the screws organized.

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