This is a Guide to 8-bit Lego.  I will have video game themed stuff, and anything 8-Bit that passes my approval.  Remember, you can use substitutes, along they are the same color, and add up to the same kind of brick needed.  On the first two Instructables, to make a matching Luigi, just change red to green.  So, let's get started!

edit: Comments I made:  1st instructable: I actually made this. It is awesome! I made a Luigi, by copying the Mario I made using this, and I just changed the red to green, and made a Luigi. The way I copied the lego Model, is I placed the legos on top of the Mario, and changed the red to green. I also made Mario and Luigi sprites from the original Super Mario Brothers game on my 3DS, and copied the heads, but changed the colors. This just got a favorite.   7th instructable: Once I get more Legos I will make this.   13th instructable: I think you should upload a step by step on how to make this. I guess I will just make it from the image.