This guide will show you how to hack the popular online game AdventureQuest.
You can reach level 50 or higher in just a few days.

Supplies   * marks optional

Computer with internet access
WinRAR (google it)
Small amount of time
An AQ account
My updated Trainer

*Monster IDs.txt         
*Shop IDs.txt           

Don't bother about the image notes those come in later on.

If for some reason you mess up your computer or get your
account banned I take no responsibility for your stupidity. It is simply not my fault.

Step 1: Getting the Trainer

The trainer we will be using is the AQ elite. This trainer was created by The Immortal for people to use to hack AQ. Recently however it has been outdated and therefore is useless. I thought this trainer deserved a second chance so I updated the lore version and repackaged it. I have uploaded the new version to my site for public download. Also on the download page are two text documents both of which you should download.

you can get a copy by visiting my M33L0 page here  (www.Meelo.co.nr)

It has come to my attention that some virus scanners and spy ware blockers have detected AQ elite.exe as a trojan virus. I can assure you that the trainer is completely free of and viruses. I have downloaded this trainer on 3 different computers and have looked at the actual source code myself.

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<p>hey meelo im unable to open ur website it loads but just shows a blank screen</p>
hey meelo..can u help me...why my AQElite screen always white in colour evrytime i open it?? can u help me
Not bad. It seems that all the AQ i'bles are neglected, WHY?!?!?! It's an good game.
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Can you Help??? me hack AQ
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