Guide to Airsoft





Introduction: Guide to Airsoft

In this guide i'll give a general discription of different tactics and types of equipment, encluding wich gun you should choose for your main weapon and side arm.

Step 1: Choosing a Weapon

First things first, your weapon. Primary or side arm, they are both important. Primary: Pick a gun that you like and is decent/reliable. Imagine being on the battle field and having your gun jam, it would really suck. side arm/secondary: It is equally important to have a secondary weapon. Bringing up the jamming theory again ( it's going to happen one time or another ) you could immediately pull out a pistol while running to cover. in this case as well you should pick a decent gun. Other than that it's really just up to personal choice, different people like different guns.

Step 2: Gear

Now it's time to play dress up. Most people use camo so it is harder to be seen. In this case you should probably use ghilie attributed to where you are having the match. But some people use clothing to intimidate people. Imagine if someone came at you in full black or terrerist looking. It could be pretty freaky.

Step 3: Types of Gameplay

Be creative, mix airsoft with things like capture the flag or different scenarios from your favorite first person shooters like Call of Duty or Team Fortress 2. And remember, it's just a game if you take it so seriously anyone who makes a joke is off your team,you should be the one getting kicked out.

Step 4: Have Some Fun!

Go out, find a team, and have some good, old, fun. And I will be posting some more instructables and updating this one. Also, please comment/subscribe and if you have the time, check out my blog, the link is below.



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    Thanks for the help i love the page but i live in AUS

    I wear camoe pants, white T, camoe face paint and my Uncle's old army coat and green hightops. Oh, well, I live in a high desert.

    sucks that theres no airsoft team around toronto..... if you could find one, COULD YOU PLEEEEEEEEZ TELL ME!!!

    this was really helpful thanks huas

     is that gun in the pic a p90 i cant tell cuz its got so much stuff on it

    That couldn't be a p90 it has a back loading clip and the p90 has a top loading clip but your right it does look like a p90 it might be a f2000

    actually, this isnt a p90 or an fn2000. its actualy a FAMAS g2, judging by the stock, the mag and the carry handle.

    its actually a FN F2000, a p90 magazine fits into a spot on top of the gun just below the main sight rail, not in the stock, though i could see where you would think its a p90

    yep, it's a P90, with a solid stock, huge mag (for it, anyway) and a carrying handle. which is weird cause that thing weighs, what, 10 lbs?