Guide to Beretta/BlackViper M92 Spring Airsoft Pistol

Picture of Guide to Beretta/BlackViper M92 Spring Airsoft Pistol
This is not really an Instructable, more of a guide to owning this Airsoft pistol. And its my first, so go easy!

Gun Specs:
Gun Name :          BlackViper M92/ Beretta M92F/s
Based on:             Beretta M9 handgun
Made of:                Plastic body, weighted with lead
Gun Type:             Spring (single shot)
Round capacity:  12 rounds 6mm .12/.20 g BBs
FPS:                       307 with .12g BBs, or aroung 250-70 with .20 g BBs 
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Step 1: What's in the Box?

Picture of What's in the Box?
My gun is the BlackViper M92 version, those of you with the Beretta M92F, gas powered one or BlackViper Elite, the boxed may vary. Also mine was bought in a shop, not online, so that also may vary.
Anyway, in my box:
 - Instruction manual (but no-one reads them!)
 - Gun
 - Magazine
 - 100 BBs ( I would strongly advise you do NOT use these, as they are cheap faulted BBs and    may jam your gun.)

Step 2: Loading the pistol

Picture of Loading the pistol
 1 ) Take the magazine out of the gun by pressing the small, round button an the left side of the gun on the grip. (Picture 1, 2)

 2 ) Pull down the spring on the magazine's left side until it holds. (Picture 3)

 3 ) Press the button on the top of the mag and hold (Picture 4)

 4 ) Put BBs in the magazine. (Picture 5)

Step 4 can take a while, but you will soon get used to quickly feeding BBs into the mag.

 5 ) DO NOT RELEASE THE SPRING ON MAGAZINE! The gun automatically does this for you. Simply place it back into the gun all the way , with a series of clicks.

Step 3: Safety

Picture of Safety

The safety switch is located on the right side of the gun, half way down the barrel. The switch has a left and right. On the left it says 'S' , this is safety ON, and you cannot pull the trigger. Flick the switch to th right to unblock the trigger.

You are now ready to destroy some targets!

okoshima5 years ago
not bad... a fair  few flaws though...

1. its a magazine not a clip.
2. it doesn't have a gearbox, let alone a full metal gearbox being as its a spring pistol.
3. you stated that this isn't an instructable yet posted anyway on a site called Instructables...
4. too tired to continue to point things out but you get the idea...

still not a bad instruction leaflet... oh wait didn't that come with the pistol?
luke.r177 (author)  okoshima5 years ago

Flaws 1 and 2 I can change, but why tell me that it's not an instructable? I know, I made it! 'point' 4 was... unnecissary...... shall I say...
 Plus there are tonnes of 'ibles on this site that actually aren't so don't hate on me for this! Its just a guide to help people looking at this gun...

But thanks for the comments

I will be making proper Instructables in the future

You mis-spelled 'unnecessary'

Anyway, there would only be a point to this is you showed how to FULLY dismantle it, which I can, even though i don't own one. Three of my friends do though.
luke.r177 (author)  RMConstruction5 years ago
 Thanks so much... RMConstruction... what a lovely comment. Seriously why is there so much hate in the net... Jesus... what do you want me to do.. take this off the website? Eh? Would that make you happy? You know what, I'm sick of this, Christ man, if you don't like the damn project, DON'T VIEW IT! JUST CLICK OFF THE PAGE! Don't just leave stupid comments.;... Christ.... now if you'll excuse me I'll be off to pick holes in your Instructables. PS your spelling of I is wrong, its a capital, seeing as your so important! 
oh, and the pictures are blurry :P

THERE, a cool clean contructive comment :D

anyway, the reason for this is theres no need for this, if you wanna make a guide instead of an instructable, at least make it full, such as, including how to take it apart specifically for that gun, accuracy over distances, damage losses(i made that one up xD) etc.

before you call me a hater, lemme just tell you am telling you so you know why, this is alot better than the childish knex look-what-i-made-that-doesnt-look-anything-like-the-real-thing 'instructables', i'll give you that

i know, i have put proper punctuation in, and i dont give a..........

maybe half the ppl on this site should go to a picture gallery instead...... :D

oops, i writen too much, ah well :/
Haha. Internet trolling is so fun!
i have the gun and it has nothing bad and it very powerful i can't say anything bad
macman8085 years ago
in a pistol its called a clip not a magazine.
luke.r177 (author) 5 years ago
Please comment!
Yes, what is wrong with this? I see nothing but clearly written instructions with pictures to show the steps.
luke.r177 (author)  Landon Sullivan5 years ago

Thank you very much! I know this one is only a guide, but I am trying to get some ideas to make some proper ones. Thanks again