Step 10: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Assembling the pen is relatively straight-forward. Assembling this pen is no different from assembling any other turned pen (If you are using the Round Top European hardware). As my video shows, the threaded insert is first pressed into the top end of the top barrel, then comes the clip and clip screw, after that the nib is then pressed into the bottom end of the bottom barrel, then the twist mechanism is pressed into the opposite end of the bottom barrel, then the center-ring is glued onto the tennon and then the ink cartridge screws into the end of the twist mechanism. Finally, this pen is ready for use! These pens are very unique whether your using Slimline or Round-Top European hardware and when all these steps are followed, the results are remarkable. They could also be engraved if you had a method for doing so. I'm still trying to figure out a way to accomplish that using a Dremel.