Picture of Guide to lift/element hybrids
I started by trying to make a perpetual ball machine, but in the end I made lift/element hybrids. Eventually I made a ball machine where network 2 did not have any motors. Here's a guide to more of these!

If you have designed any lift/element hybrids, contact me and I'll add them!

Guide to all Knex Ball Machine elements:

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Step 4: Stepper Bumps

If bumps were positioned above themselves, they would become the stepper lift, with long arms. To make this, copy the stepper lift then modify the top for ball arms.
Stepper lift instructions:  

Hybrid explained in this ball machine:

Step 5: Ratchet arm

Picture of Ratchet arm
Another arm lift/element that uses an arm, but this one is attached via gears to a small wheel lift with the use of a ratchet. See the pictures 6-9 for ratchet instructions. The first picture is the original attempt, but not accurate. However, this picture does show almost all the mechanics.

Hybrid explanated:

Step 6: Quarter Arm

Picture of Quarter Arm
Inspired by an element in Project Concatenate by Yardking, a ball goes on the arm at furthest leverage, pulling it down. A second ball then rolls onto the arm lower down while the arm resets, resulting in that ball raising.

Too see a video, click the link below.
nerfrocketeer11 months ago
Good idea to put them all in one place. Well done!
dickheijboer11 months ago
Shadowman3911 months ago
Nice guide! These elements look like a lot of fun to use.
hunter99911 months ago
Nice dude! You have to be very ingenious to make a network of lifts with no motors! :) Subscribed!
Sorunome11 months ago
Ha, another one of these guides, nice! :D