I started by trying to make a perpetual ball machine, but in the end I made lift/element hybrids. Eventually I made a ball machine where network 2 did not have any motors. Here's a guide to more of these!

If you have designed any lift/element hybrids, contact me and I'll add them!

Guide to all Knex Ball Machine elements: https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Official-Guide-to-Knex-Ball-Machine-Elements/

Step 1: Half-turn

When no balls are in this element, it hangs with the weight pointing down. When balls are added to it, it flips over, raising one ball but the other ball is lowered even more.

To make your own, copy the pictures.

<p>your ideas are always so innovative. great job!</p>
<p>your ideas are always so innovative. great job!</p>
Good idea to put them all in one place. Well done!
Nice guide! These elements look like a lot of fun to use.
Nice dude! You have to be very ingenious to make a network of lifts with no motors! :) Subscribed!
Ha, another one of these guides, nice! :D

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Bio: I'm into knex ball machine stuff. My favourite parts are lift/element hybrids, probably because I tried building a perpetual ball machine. It didn ... More »
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