This instructable is going to be a collection of four guides that I've managed to find on the internet on how to draw wolves that I've found helpful. Because of this, the credit for the guides does not go to me since I did not create them. Each step will have one guide and beneath some information about it (i.e. what materials I recommend, how helpful I think it is).

The reason I created this is because for a veeerrryyyy long time, I did not think I could ever be able to draw either animals or people. But, since wolves are my favorite animal I still tried desperately to draw one, though I never could get it right.....they always came out horrible. So, I looked up guides on drawing wolves. Ever since I got them I've been able to draw wolves, thus, for anybody else out their who wants to try drawing a wolf.......these are the best ways to learn that I've found.

Step 1: Guide #1

This is definitly the most helful guide I've found so far. As you can see the top of the page deals with three different views of the wolf's head, side view, head on, and howling. The bottom of the page deals with a full body view of a wolf, side on. It also show's some examples of what wolf drawings look wrong. This works well cause' all the wolf drawings that can be created by following these instructions exactly will look equally good drawn small, or very large. It's also nice because very few guides contain that much information on a single page, and don't look cluttered. You've probably noticed that all the wolf head's guides can be started drawing with a single circle. Because of this, I've found that for large drawings a roughly 4-inch diameter circle works best.

<p>I can make a wolf body look almost real but I've always had troubles on heads which people do a lot and knowing the head is simple to most people makes me laugh.</p>
<p>I'm sad that I have trouble on wolfie heads XD</p>
This was a great guide<br>I did follow it exactly but now I think I can do it without the guide.
As u said: in some of the guides, there are right drawings and wrong. But in my opinion there shouldn't be, what if the drawer wants to draw it slightly differently?
duuude wolves are my no.1 fav animals 2 thankyou for these epic guides :0}
Your welcome... thx for feedback =)
Just wanted to let everyone know that I got a couple new guides and some of my own drawings to submit... so as soon as I get the chance I'll be updating this instructable.
i still have a number of ibles to post..one is my painting of bamboo.it looks better than i thought it would:u
Cool!!! I've never been good at painting, so if your talented at that hat's off to you =D
i have one question. did you draw the cover on pwmmop group
I didn't actually draw that picture... Though now that you mention it, I should probably replace the &quot;PWMMOP&quot; cover picture with my own drawing
you should keep drawing you're way better than me:O
Thanks!!! But I'm sure your good also =) You should post some of your drawing sometime.
Nice and professional .
Thanks!!! I appreciate it :)
<p>very very very very very very very very very nice Ilove you</p>
and ... me?
Cool, glad you liked it :)
&nbsp;oh wait nvm the first drawing is yours, wow you can draw a whole lot better then me!!!&nbsp;
Thanks!!! :)&nbsp; I appreciate it.<br /> <br /> Here's a link to this one along with two others of my drawings: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Show-off-your-drawings/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/community/Show-off-your-drawings/</a>
&nbsp;I saw them all ready, impressive! how long did it take you?
Thanks!!! :)<br /> <br /> The one with four wolf drawings on it took me about an hour. The one with the large view of the wolf head looking at you took me about 2 hours and the one of the wolf howling took me the same as the large view wolf head.
&nbsp;sweet! I have one question though, did you draw any of those pictures?
Omg its adorable =D<br /> 1st to comment!!!! WOOHOO =D hehe
Haha, thankyou :)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (I didn't make the guide- just so you know)&nbsp;
Oh you didn't....<br /> Its still cool though..... I like to draw =]
Thanks :) I did draw the first pic in the instructable though.&nbsp; That's cool, I like to draw a lot also :)
Really =O<br /> It's awesome!!!!!<br /> I like to draw, but I'm good at it...... hehe I still draw all the time though<br /> I trace everything I draw =]
Thanks!!! :)<br /> <br /> Haha, yeah :D&nbsp; <br /> <br /> If want to see other drawings of mine here's a link to a forum I&nbsp;made that has three of mine: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Show-off-your-drawings/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/community/Show-off-your-drawings/</a>
<p>WOW those are good drawings =D hehe<br /> I wish i drew that good</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Thanks!!! =]&nbsp; I couldn't draw good at all for a looooooong time.
I still can't draw good =[<br /> Drawing is not my thing, I enjoy it though =]
Yeah, it can be harder than people realize.
Its very hard for me hehe....<br /> I have my own artistic values though.... Singing =D<br /> Thats art....
Yeah, my brother has trouble drawing too.<br /> Oh yeah, that's cool!!!
Yup.... =]<br /> my sister is goooood at drawing to =]<br /> She does my drawing assignments for art class =D
Haha, that's cool =]
Right =] hehe I gotta start ding it myself though =]
Yeah.......unless it works the way it&nbsp;is&nbsp;;)
Right ;)<br /> It does work, hmmm ;]
Haha ;)
Did you use your art guide to draw that wolf like thing you drew? ;)
oic =]
Nice, I've never seen that smiley before 8)
hehe I know a ton of them&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /> (^-^)
That's cool =]

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