Need a little extra something for your Halloween decorations?  Want to get a "Wow" out of your guests without breaking the bank or requiring degrees in engineering, physics, or dog sledding.  Well this eight foot tall guillotine may be the project for you!

This is one of the props built for our annual Halloween party.  It is part of a larger project, but could easily act as it's own piece for your event.

It was designed to act as a photo opportunity, so the dull  "blade" is completely stationary and the lunette (the head hole) is large enough for most people to slip their head in and out of without lifting the top.

The Instructable for the executioner to go along with it can be found here.

Step 1: Gathering Your Materials and Tools

Luckily the list of materials is pretty basic, and it all can be found at your local hardware store/lumberyard. (Lowes, Home Depot.)

5 8ft length of 2x4 (cheap wall stubs work great)(*)
1 8ft length of 2x10
1 sheet of dark hardboard paneling (a sheet at least 3 ft X 2 ft)
2 screw eyes
Some rope (10-12 ft should be enough)
4 bolts that are 2 inches in length (with matching washers and nuts)
A large hinge that will mount onto the side of 2 of the boards
Wood or deck screws (2.5 inch worked well for me)
Silver metallic spray paint (matte finish)
Dark wood stain

(You can skip one of the 2x4 if you use the alternate cut in step 2.)

For the tools, your basic requirements are to cut your studs to the right length and then cut 2 circular sections in your 2x10.  You can use whatever saw you have available, but lacking access to a band saw I found it easiest to make the straight cuts with a circular saw and the round cut with a jig saw.

Safety Glasses
Measuring tape
Rotary Saw
Jig Saw (Band saw would be better to cut the thicker pieces, but use whatever tools you have to cut a circle)
Power Drill (with drill and screwdriver bits)
Sand Paper
Something to assist in drawing a circle. (Paint can, or plate work fine.)
Paint brush and paper towels

Made mine based off this Instructable. I added to it. Used lumber laying around the yard for the past year. Hope you like!
Love it.
I just use a butcher knife instead of these it saves time and money
Uh... I think its just a prop.
Sorry, I'm sure you could make it work if you wanted.
Do you know where I could get a real blade?<br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Your best best would be to go to a scrap yard to find a large piece of sheet metal to work with.&nbsp; That's where we found metal for another one of our projects this year.<br />
Good, good.<br /> <br /> <br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
wow could i make it acutllay drop
You could. You would probably need to add some tracks or slots for the blade to fit in so it falls down straight.<br><br>Since we were mainly just using it for pictures, we figured it would be safer to keep it mounted in one place.
door slides maybe
What are the dimensions of the guillotine?
It was 8ft tall, the full height of the 2x4s. But, if you want to modify it to be taller, it would be great. 8ft was the limit due to the ceiling we were using, but the taller it is, the more imposing it will be.
i find this frightening simply as an idea haha<br />
&nbsp;My dad made one of these for Halloween like 12 years ago. We didn't put the string to pull the blade up but a lot of people were freaked out by this prop. Great if you have an executioner mask to wear too.
Here is the executioner I was talking about before.<br /> https://www.instructables.com/id/Beheaded-Punchbowl-Fountain/<br />
We actually have another idea for the executioner,&nbsp; I'm hoping to have that instructable posted closer to Halloween.<br />
I thought it was a real one. darn
Off with the tricksters heads!<br />
Don't forget to test it!<br />
Don't forget to add audio with the cheering of population !!!<br /> I really need to link this instructable with <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Barbie-Doll-Electric-Chair-Science-Fair-Project!/">www.instructables.com/id/Barbie-Doll-Electric-Chair-Science-Fair-Project!/</a><br /> <br />
oooooh! great idea! rated 5*

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