Step 2: Measuring and cutting the wood

Picture of Measuring and cutting the wood
Take three of your 2x4 studs and the tape measure. Mark off lines at 30 in, 60 in, 90 in, and 93 in.
For each of these boards, you should end up with three 2.5ft sections, and two 3in  blocks.
These pieces will make the feet and the top.  Additionally, one of these pieces will be trimmed again later to form the crossbeam to the blade.

On your 2x10 measure off lines at 30 in and 60 in.  This will give you two 2.5ft sections for your lunette.  The remainder can be set aside for another project.

(ALTERNATE CUT) If you would like to save a little money on wood and make fewer cuts, you can cut the 2x10 into the three 2.5ft sections similar to the way the 2x4 were cut.  You can then use this piece instead on the front of the top of the frame in Step 3.  This will allow you to get  by with one less 2x4, but will slightly change the appearance of the guillotine.