Guinea Pig Clothes





Introduction: Guinea Pig Clothes

This dress for your lovely guinea pig will make your pet look fabulous!

But take caution some piggies don't like clothes so if you have a picky piggy there is a chance they will hate it!

Step 1: Step One

Get all the supplies! sock

2. Scissors

3. Buttons,bows,and ribbons(optional)

Step 2: Step 2

Get your sock and cut above the heel.take the top part and put the base your that you have the top tube part go to step 3

Step 3:

Take the top and slip it over your piggy. See how it does not go over the back legs? That's because if they have to go potty they don't need to pull down their dress.take it of and cut the arm holes where they should be.Now you have a dress but of you want to decorate it go to step 4

Step 4:

Decorating time! Their is millions of ways to make pretty but I just put dress on my piggy and gently tied a ribbon around the middle to a bow. Enjoy your pretty piggy dress!



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    I'm going to try this at home right now!

    Hope it works

    I did try it, but the sock was a little tight on her and she didn't like it.She demonstrated that by JUMPING out of her little sock. It was adorable,like I said it was a little tight (so I took it off), but when she had it on she waddled like a little penguin. :)

    i havent made this.. but whenever i put clothes on my guinea pig she would walk right out of them.i hope this doesnt do that!

    this is so cute i tryed it and my piggie did not like it but its super cute i will give mine to my friend

    we need a pic of it on the guinea pig - but it looks adorable anyway!!