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Introduction: Guitar Amp Alarm Clock

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This idea was taking from a previous instructable.

by lonesoulsurfer

This may be one of the easier, inexpensive, but still brilliant instructable I've seen. As a teacher we challenged our middle school students to bring in an old radio. Following the original instructable we made our very own amp in no time. From there our curiosity peak to wondering what else could we make an amp out of from outdated technology lying around. In a school there is lots to choose from so why not?

This idea is a vintage cool way to make a really great gift for any music lover. It takes a limited amount of skill, tools, and money to make this one happen. Plus the older the item the better. Garage sales and thrift shops are great places to start finding that unique soon to be amp.

Step 1: Open the Alarm Clock

This particular Alarm Clock was tricky to open up, as the screwed were deep into the plastic and stripped easily do to age and quality. Once the screws were removed, the plastic faces were snapped into place. This step to unsnap the faces is difficult especially since you will want to be able to put the alarm clock back together nicely. Take your time here.

Step 2: Finding the Volume "Pot"

This step is trial and error. Having an extra set of hands will help. The alarm clock has a battery option which made this step much easier.

1. I attached two wires to a female guitar jack(very inexpensive).

2. Plug in the guitar jack and guitar

3. Using the black ground wire on the batter I was able to alligator clip the ground.

4. Using the positive wire I tested the 3 soldering points on the voltage pot.

(The original instructable mention how easy this once, and let me reassure you this step is easy) I recommend one person play while the other test the various soldering points. On this particular alarm clock it was the middle point.

Step 3: Solder the Wires

First I solder the ground wires using the ground wire I cut earlier off the battery. Connected my grounds inside the alarm clock and then to my Guitar jack. You will want to have an idea where your are going to mount the guitar jack before cutting the length of wire you will need. You will want enough cord to place the jack but not too much to crowd the space inside your device.

Then I solder the positive the the guitar jack and in this case the middle of 3 soldering points which was my volume "pot"

Step 4: Creating a Hole for the Jack

Finding the best part for the guitar jack can be tricky. In the alarm clock there was minimal space and the speaker was on the back. I estimated the spacing needed from the top. I decided to drill the hole on the back. Careful because it doesn't take too much to drill into the circuit board possible ruining your project.

Piece it back together. Plug in and play. You will need experiment with the tuner to get the best sound.



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    Hi. Interesting. how about the sound quality?

    1 reply

    its okay. Has a natural distortion effect. Definitely a way to make a cheap amp. Probably not going into the studio with it.

    Hi. Interesting. how about the sound quality?

    Hi. Interesting. how about the sound quality?