A cheap and easy pickguard. Works great for basses that don't come from the factory with a pickguard.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You'll need:

Self-adhesive vinyl sheet (mine was about $1 at Hobby Lobby)
Exacto knife
Cardstock or file folder (optional)
LIAR! This isn't a guitar its a bass guitar.
dude, a guitars a guitar
its technically still a guitar
acidbass5 years ago
is that an ibanez bass
dinstruct15 years ago
I did something very similar many years ago when rebuilding an old guitar. I cut a pick guard out of a vinyl floor tile. In one case , I traced the original guitar pickguard and overlaid it with a tile cutout.
Kelticfox6 years ago
If you want to to make it easier to apply the Vinyl do this: 1. Clean the area with Alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol). This removes dirt and finger grease 2. Spray the area with washing up liquid and water (bog standard spray bottle) 3. Place the peeled vinyl on the soapy water and move it into the correct position (called Floating the vinyl) 4. Squighy the water out using a felt (or soft side of velcro (loops)) wrapped piece of wood with constant pressure to remove the water. Start at the middle and work to the edges. 5. If any air bubbles are present try working them out with the squighy thing or using a brand new scalpel blade pop them (using the very tip) then use the squighy thing to flatten it out. 6. Dry it off (from the water). That how professionals apply vinyl (I used to be a designer for a Sign Making company and used Vinyl daily)
m00n3r (author)  Kelticfox6 years ago
Thanks. I will put that in the application step.
Sparrow40k6 years ago
I thought Vinyl was like a paper type material, how can it be a pickguard?
m00n3r (author)  Sparrow40k6 years ago
It's meant for basses that aren't really played with picks, so it's more of a cosmetic thing really. Also vinyl is more of a plastic than a paper.
lonerayven6 years ago
I own a company with a huge large format printer and cutter, we can do really cool and complicated and custom vinyls for your guitar, and it's easy to apply. I'm not trying to advertise, but if anyone is interested I can make some if you email me at lonerayven@gmail.com. And I'll make my own instructable on how to apply them.
I like it!