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Introduction: Guitar Hero - Guitar Stand

Hello, all you Guitar Hero 3 stands. What you see below is a stand I put together quickly for the all-new Gibson Les Paul wireless guitar controller that comes with Guitar Hero 3 for PS3 and Xbox 360. I got the PS3 one, but the guitars are the exact same thing for both, so it compatible with either. Not sure how it will work with past versions or alternate guitars but it does it's job for mine. (Even though leaning the guitar against the wall would take up less space, I like making stuff out of Knex that I can use.)

Without further ado, here is the stand I made. I just took a bunch of pictures it's pretty easy to make just by looking at them, so if you have any questions just post them and I'll answer them if I can.

**Sorry for the sideways images, Instructables won't let me rotate them.

Step 1: Bottom

The bottom consists of a cross-base with red and grey rods to support it on the three sides, with a more heavy duty triangular leg to support it in the front to support. The guitar you can copy this leg all around to make it look nicer and be symmetrical but I found no need for it.

Above the base is the basket which attaches to the tower of blue rods and purple connectors with yellow cross braces. The two views I supplied should be enough for you to accurately build it or create your own basket, if you don't like mine or your guitar won't fit.

Picture Descriptions:
1) The base
2) Front View of the Basket
3) Bird's Eye View of the Basket

Step 2: Middle and Top

(Sorry for the sideways pictures.)

Here's the main part of the stand.It's eight "stories" of a blue-rod-square tower if my lingo makes any sense. The yellow rods are bracing to support it. After the eight sections there is one more set of blue rods attached to a blue-purple connector which is where the neck of the guitar is placed. The neck supports are just three grey rods with some blue and white connectors on them to keep them from bending and twisting under the weight of the guitar.

Picture Descriptions:
1) Side view of tower
2) Almost front view of tower
3) Top view of neck supports
4) Completed stand



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    2 replies

    the instructions look fine to me ,but I would rather see some part by part.

    I'm sorry. This is actually my second instructable, but the reason for lack of steps and directions is because I felt this was a pretty basic thing to make, and only required the pictures I took to accurately build. Nonetheless, I will add some more steps.

    can it also hold a real electric guitar which weight around 4kilogramm? *lol* no, but a very good instructalbe how to keep your guitar hero guitar away cool!

    1 reply

    No, it can't, but if you make the base a little bigger it might be perfect for an acoustic guitar. I've got 2 electric guitars and 2 acoustic ones, but only 3 stands, so I just might search through my pile of old crap in the basement for my old knex, and make one of these.


    d0 you want to now how to build a mic stand

    1 reply

    yes I don't want to just leave it on the ground incase it gets stud on by my little sister

    yeah it's very broken XD I'm sure you could make one it's a simple concept.

    why didnt you put the skull stickers on the buttons? :P

    because??? that would make it all cruddy. there's no way I could play with the stickers on the buttons. besides they're ugly.

    its nothing that special build your own version of it expand upon your self. that will make you a good knex builder building something of your own.

    its realistic and every thing but it sways a lot and some times tips over.

    oops forgot to rotate :P lol just save them and rotate them if you want.

    i am new member on this website but i use it i am going to make knex instructables soon not like guns but every day matirals insteead of buying expensive stuff

    Yeah like buritto said if you don't make your own don't take credit unless you modded it to the point where it looks nothing like the orignal

    I modded the stand to accommodate the larger World Tour guitar and a microphone. Maybe I'll post it sometime.