Step 8: Audacity

The first step of this process is to create the click that will serve as the markers for our "audio note chart." We will use audacity since it is free and easy to use.

1. - Open audacity and create a new project.
2. - select Generate -> Click Tack....
3. - Change the following settings and click ok:
      Tempo:                            30
      Beats per measure:      1
      Number of measures:  1
4. - Zoom in a delete all the silence after the click ends.
5. - Click File -> Export and save it as Click
- Close Audacity
Nice project. This has inspired me to do that same thing. I have the UNO arduino, and im a complete noob (just bought first arduino for this project) got any help or tips for a newbie?
What type of Arduino should i get. Can you send me a link to buy one.
Very, very cool... pretty close to what I put together. Let me know what you think: <br> <br>http://kck.st/MAE3gI <br> <br>I ended up using an ATMEGA168.
Great instructable! Thanks for taking my idea though. :( I literally just asked my son if he had any old GH controllers last week. This was before the Arduino contest was announced. I just wanted to do something with the GH controller. I like your integration of Vixen too - again, something I was going to do for another project. I guess that's what happens when you sleep - or have to do other things like work ;P.
Haha, yeah I was going to wait until I had finished &quot;Through The Fire and The flames&quot; but someone else had just posted an instructable about hooking up the guitar hero buttons to an arduino to use as an input device. Even though it was pretty much the opposite of mine, I could not wait any longer as I knew someone else would probably think of it and beat me to the punch.
Haha - yep, that was the instructable that inspired me to think of how to output to the GH controller rather than read from it. My ADHD kicked in though and I started working on a different, unrelated software only project. Good luck in the contest!

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